Tuesday, October 26, 2004

One of the worst things in the world is waiting for a beloved one in agonizing pain to pass on to the Other Side. This is what many in Bob's family including us have been doing now for many weeks as we hear the daily news of Bob's sister, Maddie, and her losing battle with cancer. We have all been dealing with this in our own way, be it philosophical, resigned or anxious. In Bob's case, he has been super anxious and at times angry. I have been doing my best to help him through his grieving, and now that we have had the phone call from the relatives of her transition, there is relief. At least now the suffering is done.

Since my spiritual knowing understands that there is indeed 'The Other Side' to which we awaken or are birthed, I am not nearly as distressed about death as others who don't have this knowing. This year we have received communication from the Other Side when beloveds have passed over which were amazing. From what I understand, those that have passed over have 72 hours in which to make the rounds and visit with those they have loved while they were alive in 3-D. After this time is up, they need to move on...or else perhaps they may remain earthbound. Possibly some may choose to stay earthbound for one reason or the other, and those that have been brutally murdered often do so. Those that can see the astral realms of The Other Side say it is far vaster and more populated than Earth is. Imagine how many souls there are! Imagine how many want the opportunity to reincarnate again and give this Earthwalk another go! Imagine how many are watching us in our lives from these other realms! We are never bereft and never alone, and many that have passed over choose to be our spirit guides and pull whatever strings they can to assist us. I've been told of such a situation as this by a dear friend in Taos whose partner passed on, and since A. is clairvoyant and clairaudient, it's just as if her partner is ever present with her, helping her out in so many ways, even helping her acquire a new car in most magical fashion.

I have read a lot on the subject of death for I find it very fascinating. Of course, as with any other subject, there is a lot of controversy and difference of opinion.
Since I am a sensitive, I feel souls when they are hanging around....for many months, my daughter and I have both been sensing the presence and getting visuals on a child that wants to be born to her. We even have given this child a name, even though my daughter has yet to find a father or sperm donor! :-) Whenever we tune into this child, we feel that she is patient, and that she has certainty of her birth in the not-too-distant future. When she is finally born, I will have purchased her so many things that I have saved...items that she impulsed me to purchase. This one is a strong one with a great style!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm listening to the newest CD by Tears for Fears titled "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending", and I'm thinking how true these words are in a personal respect, for I am being tested again with members of the human-dolphin tribe... and I would like to see a happy ending to my dolphin quest. I'd given up on the human-dolphin tribe years ago and written the lot of them off as a dysfunctional family, a great concept to fantasize about but seemingly unattainable in the 3-D universe. After dancing with these human-dolphin members after the publication of my book, I witnessed such monumental ego-clashes that I was fed up. Now here I go again, dallying with the ideals and egos again. Will it work this time? Will I find resolution and a happy ending? Like a moth to the flame, I am pulled once again to attempt to see if humans can actually collaborate without conflict. I do so with great wariness as it seems the trickster energy likes to utilize the dark underbelly of the dolphin ideals. Maybe the years that have passed since I surrendered my dolphin dreams and my nonprofit cetacean research organization have brought some changes? We shall see.

This latest chapter came into my life through a phone call by a man which I will simply call R. He invited me to a gathering where others of the human-dolphin tribe were gathered to explore the idea of making a dolphin movie. Since none of these people were in the movie business, this gathering reeked of dolphin dreaming.
I was intrigued that on the very same day that I spoke with R. I received a package and proposal from another man by the name of J. in regards to his different dolphin movie. It seemed such a sweet synchronicity... thus, I was emboldened to put on my spiritual warrior armour, gather my protection posse pod of two others around me and attend the meeting. Thus far, we have had two meetings, and I am more curious than anything else what this latest development is really all about. I have few expectations that anything will actually develop, but no doubt there are a few lessons here for me. Are the dolphins calling me to work with them again, or is this just another chapter on disappointment with programmed humans organized by a mad hyperdimensional scientist?

In any event, I am "showing-up" once again. Like an ad I saw recently in a magazine that read, "We began long, long ago. Perhaps that's why we still believe in fairy tales." There's a part of me that longs for unity consciousness and the One Heart, and it hasn't forgotten. It still believes in fairy tales. I feel that's true for all of us. Our longing may be unrequited, but it is impossible to extinguish.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I have discovered two products that are helping to decrease my stress levels. I only wish that I had known about them this past year when we were going through renovation hell. Oh well, better late than never as the saying goes. Both products are being used by Bob and me at the same time, so we aren't doing an exact science experiment to determine which one is the most effective. However, it seems to us that they both are contributing to getting us back to the way we were. One is a CD called Insight which uses the latest technology to relax and inspire. The other is a capsule called Transfer Factor. Our friend Simeon (who researched this product) said that most anxiety is caused by parasites, and this product takes these buggers all away, and for some, this amounts to a major detox. But since I am the The Detox Queen, I have noticed only subtle signs. Thus, I conclude that my parasites were few. This is a good thing as I'm not in the mood to be sick. :-)

I went with my daughter to the Maui County Fair this past weekend, a place I haven't been in at least ten years. The last time I attended I was asked to participate in the 'psychic tent' where all the top island psychics gave readings. I accepted, and our seven-member group were stuffed into a small space with little desks and chairs. Needless to say, the psychic energies were intense and zinging around in this small space, and after several days of dealing with drunks, wackos of all kinds out for a goof and these aforementioned psychic energies, I was fried. This time, however, was different. I just walked around with my daughter and watched her receive a lei and a award for the nonprofit she works with. We ate some yummy malasadas and drank lots of water as it was very hot. Of course, I was probably perceived as someone that just landed from another planet as the people that attend the fair were for the most part locals. Since I have long white blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes, I stand out from them quite dramatically. I felt comfortable, however, as I have lived on this island for quite some time now and even though I may look way different, I vibe comfortably enough with the locals even though we really ARE from different planets and frequencies. :-)

As a matter of fact, I feel way different in many respects than most people on Maui, and that is why I tend to be reclusive. There is a nudist beach in Makena that I haven't gone to in years, and the reason why is that I just don't fit in with the crowd. Here is the way a local newspaper (MauiTime)described those that flock to this beach: "...Indeed, the only diversity I saw was in the spectrum of nouveau hippies loafing around. Dour-faced Hari Krishnas, organic food faddists, sharp-elbowed vegans, Rastafarians, deadheads, pacifists, Indiaphiles, American Indian wannabes, Buddhists, reformed ravers, even a few octogenarian ex-hippies. In the middle of this love fest were some wide-eyed Canadian backpackers, wayward tourists, swingers and other adventurous consenting adults." None of these folks are from my starship either. So whether it's the local fair-going folks, the nudists at Little Beach, the yuppies, the retirees or the community activists, I don't belong to their worlds. I peacefully co-habit this island with all of these types and MORE and wonder where is my tribe? Even though I don't exactly blend in the mix, my philosophy of Oneness allows me to enjoy all the diverse types this island attracts and know in my heart that we are One. Meeting individuals one-on-one, there is always the One Heart that weaves the love and soothes my soul.

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