Sunday, September 05, 2004

On this island where family, friends and alliances mean so much to one, it was perfect that Genvieve's friend Glen agreed to postpone painting his mural on the wall of a major hotel and accompany her to the Lexus dealership to check out a used car that Gen was interested in. Glen is one of those men-about-town that knows a lot of people, plus he is keen on car mechanics, engines and all kinds of car things of which I don't have a clue. Plus I couldn't do one more day of car shopping, so I begged off and Glen stepped up to the plate, the hero for the day!

Gen wanted to test drive what she felt was her perfect car, a silver, PT Cruiser with a moon roof, the Touring model, Limited Edition. It was used, a 2003, but the price was right for her. Of course, she fell in love with it after test driving it, but now the next part of the equation is coming up with the financing. This is the tricky part ( as her credit isn't so good), and she still has a couple thousand dollars yet to pay on her old car which she would like to sell or trade-in, whatever way works best to seal the deal. She and I have turned this matter over to the angels for its far too big for us to handle.

Glen is a popular tatoo artist on this island who has the potential to develop psychic mediumistic abilities. I 'read' this on him today after they returned from dealing with car stuff, and they were sharing their car shopping stories. I told him about this pysychic gift potential, and he informed me that I was correct for he had begun training many years ago with a famous psychic on another island. He also told me that this psychic said that he would misuse his powers were he to develop them. I also see that this is a possibility. Funny thing about possibilites and potentials for's hard to say which way it could go sometimes. This is a good thing.

The Samoan worker, Tony, returned with the rake and shovel yesterday. I was delighted, for he proved to be a good guy after all. The possibility of his never returning with the tools he took from us was 50-50. I would rather be unsure about people and would rather let them surprise me, for I prefer to live with possibilites than predictions. Once a prediction is made, the ego wants to hold the prediction(s) in place.The ego wants to be right, and then the energies are tweaked and distorted by this ego mode. This is not a good thing.

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