Friday, September 24, 2004

Now that we finally have renters that have signed a year's lease, some of the stress of the past year is fading away. However, there always seems to be something MORE! Once our new tenants (an unmarried, fairly-new-to-relationship couple) moved in, they asked Bob to build a path from the new concrete parking lot for their cars to the back door. They preferred to enter from this direction. So Bob had the workers come back again and build the path. Next, they wanted a deck for their barbeque and a Bob had one of those built too, under the shade of our large mango tree. To say that Bob and I are ready to be done is an understatement. Dark thought and fear: Is Bob getting addicted to creating and building? Will it ever end? Will we just keep going year after year? As preposterous as this sounds, at times I wonder....Nah! I gotta visualize completion!!

Of course, our new renters tell us we are the greatest, the best landlords in the whole world. This may be a true assessment, as we have bent over backwards to make them comfortable and happy. A. also shared that our neighborhood has the nicest people he has ever met in all the many places he has ever lived. So despite the neighbor dogs that ocassionally go on a barking spree, the motley, rowdy gang of small home-schooled kids that roam the streets in the evening, and the construction trucks that make a racket on their way to a close-by construction project, this neighborhood is a little piece of Kihei Paradise.

By the standards of the suffering the world is currently undergoing, we are blest beyond belief. When I consider what tragedies are happening in the Deep South, in Florida, in Haiti, in Iraq, Sudan and a gadzillion other places, I
am called to prayer, a prayer for them to experience a little of what we have here. I send out the frequencies of joy, peace and safety to all those that are undergoing trauma and crisis. The New Earth is my solace... and it comforts me knowing the New Earth is here now, waiting to welcome and absorb the departed souls who choose it.

Bob and I attended last night an amazing evening of Hawaiian music, the annual MauiFEST Hawaii. We had great seats, about four rows back. The list of performers read like a who's who of some of the best old-timer entertainers: Frank DeLima (a Portugese comedian), Brother Noland and Miss Aloha Hula 2004, Keola Beamer, his wife and Miss Aloha Hula 2003, Tuck & Patti, and the awesome The Makaha Sons. It was a long evening, but it helped me to remember the Aloha Frequency and healing energy of Hawaii which I can sometimes take for granted. There's no doubt about it: to witness a beautiful, smiling hula dancer dancing with graceful, fluid movement who is collaborating with a soulful, happy Hawaiian musician reminds me why I live here. Quite simply, it is High Magic. Everyone should experience Hawaiian music and hula LIVE at least once in their life. It is pure Love and Joy.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

On this island where family, friends and alliances mean so much to one, it was perfect that Genvieve's friend Glen agreed to postpone painting his mural on the wall of a major hotel and accompany her to the Lexus dealership to check out a used car that Gen was interested in. Glen is one of those men-about-town that knows a lot of people, plus he is keen on car mechanics, engines and all kinds of car things of which I don't have a clue. Plus I couldn't do one more day of car shopping, so I begged off and Glen stepped up to the plate, the hero for the day!

Gen wanted to test drive what she felt was her perfect car, a silver, PT Cruiser with a moon roof, the Touring model, Limited Edition. It was used, a 2003, but the price was right for her. Of course, she fell in love with it after test driving it, but now the next part of the equation is coming up with the financing. This is the tricky part ( as her credit isn't so good), and she still has a couple thousand dollars yet to pay on her old car which she would like to sell or trade-in, whatever way works best to seal the deal. She and I have turned this matter over to the angels for its far too big for us to handle.

Glen is a popular tatoo artist on this island who has the potential to develop psychic mediumistic abilities. I 'read' this on him today after they returned from dealing with car stuff, and they were sharing their car shopping stories. I told him about this pysychic gift potential, and he informed me that I was correct for he had begun training many years ago with a famous psychic on another island. He also told me that this psychic said that he would misuse his powers were he to develop them. I also see that this is a possibility. Funny thing about possibilites and potentials for's hard to say which way it could go sometimes. This is a good thing.

The Samoan worker, Tony, returned with the rake and shovel yesterday. I was delighted, for he proved to be a good guy after all. The possibility of his never returning with the tools he took from us was 50-50. I would rather be unsure about people and would rather let them surprise me, for I prefer to live with possibilites than predictions. Once a prediction is made, the ego wants to hold the prediction(s) in place.The ego wants to be right, and then the energies are tweaked and distorted by this ego mode. This is not a good thing.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Probably one of my least favorite things to do in the whole world is to shop for a new car, especially if it's not my new car. The high-pressure salesmen and the "Sales Game" just isn't for me, but several days ago I had to undergo this tortuous experience. I haven't had to be in this car-shopping situation for a long time, and I'm quite happy about that. When I buy my next car, I may buy it over the net just to avoid the "Game" live in person. My partner and my daughter are both shopping for new cars, and both of them have specifics that they are looking for in a car. So between the two of them with their definite desires, car shopping is a long drawn-out drag. Bob wants his new car to have windows that open and close a certain way, while Gen refuses to drive in a car that is too low to the ground. It makes her feel claustrophobic. And their lists go on and on....

Nevertheless, I went along with Bob to spend many hours test driving, haggling and looking under the hoods of cars. B., our salesman, was a native Hawaiian, big and buff. He was obviously suited to the job of car sales person as he was calm, perserving and very he didn't let Bob get him down. If I was a car sales person, I would probably want to strangle most of the people that I had to try and sell a car. People that can't make quick, decisive decisions drive me crazy,test my patience... and thus, I am not cut-out to be a sales person. I can cross that one off the list for careers.

Having a car (or other wheels) to cruise around Maui is one of THE great life rewards as Maui offers incredible, beautiful scenic views at every turn. The traffic hasn't turned into a nightmare like over on the neighboring island of Oahu, so cruising or traveling to and from work is a pleasure. Both Bob and Gen drive a lot because of their occupations, and thus, a car is a very important part of their working lives. Thus, they both put a lot of miles on their cars, and with the cost of gas being super high (the highest in the Nation it has been reported), there never has been a better time to get a car that gets good gas mileage. Both of their cars are gas hogs. Hoping that more hybrids would come on the market and come to Maui, they've been patiently waiting, but now this scenario doesn't look as if it's going to happen right away. Thus, they are attempting to determine which cars really will give them the best gas mileage for the monies. There is talk of a new fuel source on Maui that will be able to fuel certain Jeeps. With the miles both of them put on their cars, this may turn out to be the best option if indeed this new fuel and corresponding Jeep comes on the market before their old cars fall apart.


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