Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Yesterday my Maui lessons came in the form of a large Samoan man. Tony walked over to ask me for work from across the street where he had been working for our neighbor George. He was wearing his coconut climbing cleats on his shoes. He was about 6 foot 6 and weighed around 280 I would guess, what some might call an intimidating being. I was sweating as I worked with ferocity to clean the mess behind our house and our carport for our soon-to-be new tenants. I had asked our handyman (Sam) many a time (as had Bob) to help us haul away the mess left over from construction. Somehow Sam never choose to honor our work request for which we would have paid him well as we always do, and thus, as we had an ad in the paper for our rental, I had only myself to do the manual labor. There was a lot of work to do with a lot of heavy, heavy lifting required. I prayed. Lightly. Pray lightly is what the angels tell me. And surrender your desires quickly.

So when Tony approached me for work and told me he would haul everything away, I was thrilled to strike a deal with him. Tony and I negotiated, and eventually we came to a fair price. He left and returned with his wife to help him, an equally large woman, though not quite as big as Tony. Together they probably weighed close to 600 pounds. They sweated, huffed and puffed, and worked hard the next hour as they loaded all the debris on the back of Tony's truck. I felt very grateful that two such strong, capable people with a truck had arrived in the nick of time to help me out. I thanked my angels for their help in sending Tony & Kat to me.

When they finished, they both sat down exhausted in our papasan chairs. Tony wanted one of these comfortable chairs in the worst way, and through cagey negotiations, he scored one from me. He promised to return today to repay me for the chair with his labor. After he left, I noticed our good rake and expensive shovel were missing ( he had used them for the clean-up process), so I called his phone message machine and left him a message that he must have 'accidentally' put them on his truck along with the other rubbish. I didn't hear back from him. When Sam arrived to discover the rake and shovel were missing, he was very upset, no doubt because he had missed out on the monies as well as realizing that Bob and I were fed up waiting for him to do the work. He also was probably wondering how he is going to garden for us without a rake and a shovel. This remains to be seen.

Tony is avoiding me. I saw his truck pull up across the street at George's today, and yet he didn't come over to our home and make an attempt to return the rake and shovel, nor did he come to work off the papasan chair. Adding up the cost of the rake, shovel and papasan chair that I gave to him, I came out the loser in our negotiations. I'm wondering if Tony's conscience will finally get to him... and then one day I will receive a knock on the door from Tony returning the goods and attempting to be in integrity. Or will he always just keep driving by our home feeling guilty or not guilty as the case may be if he's a sociopathic Samoan? Angels and lessons it seems comes in all matter of disguises.
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