Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Women of a certain age. What can I say, but that I am. Not really old. Not really young. Certainly smart enough to know that it no longer becomes me to aspire to be things I am not or dress with my midriff revealed as is the style today with so many women in their forties and fifties who also happen to have great abs. I am working my way through the mid-life crisis period as gracefully as I can muster. I still feel enormous assuredness even in my middle age, and I haven't embarrassed any of my beloveds lately by having an affair with a twenty year old or drinking too much tequila and having some chick give me a lap dance as I hear others my age have been reported to have done. I'm no prude either. I like others to have fun, fun, fun. This prequel is necessary to write what needs to be said about the next part of our journey: this is the Hell part to the Heaven 'N Hell Tour.

I had always wanted to stay at the Hard Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas just to see what it was like. When we travel to Las Vegas, we most often try different resorts, just for the sake of variety. Thus far, we have stayed at many different ones during the years Bob and I have been travelling there. Each has its plus's and minus's, and all have been trippy in their own respective surreal Vegas ways. Bob likes to gamble, and I like to spa and shop. This makes us a happy couple because we both get our pleasure kicks. Thus it was that we arrived at the Hard Rock Resort on a Sunday. Little did we know that this was the day when the biggest pool party in Vegas happens, and all the locals as well as who knows who shows up to participate in this pool party meat market called Rehab.

We checked in early and happily got our room right away. This was when we were informed by the front desk clerk that we wouldn't have to wait in line for the Rehab because we were hotel guests. Rehab? Wuzzup we wondered? This was news to us, but as it turned out, this pool party was named such by some satirical wacko for it was the biggest drunken affair I have ever witnessed. I never made it to one of those events that you see on tv called Spring Break. The closest I have ever gotten to Girls Gone Wild is seeing the ads for the video sales on tv. And I have always wondered about these people and their revelries. Now I've had a chance to see what Spring Break looks like up close and personal by being there! Our room looked out directly on the pool, and the party outside didn't shut down until 8 p.m....and then it moved inside into the casino and clubs and kept going all night long. When we checked out early the next morning around 5'ish to catch our plane home to Maui, the place was still buzzing.

By the end of the night, the hotel halls gradually became filled with blankets and took on the appearance of a funky college dormitory. The music from the pool party blasted through the walls and fried me. My sensitive system was wasted, as if the lechery, revelry and drunkeness outside penetrated through the walls and no amount of talismans or "Clear" aromatherapy or light armour could stop this energy. When we first arrived, Gen and I took a quick spin around the pool party to check it out, and we were met with so many leering, lusting looks that we said 'No Way Jose'and retreated back inside. At that time, there were more guys than girls, and had we been young twenty somethings looking for quickies, we would have had good odds. However, in our quick study on our tour, we were overwhelmed by these 'party' energies, and neither of us were into that. At different times when we went back up into our room, we peered from the window and the writhing throngs of young 'uns mingling, drinking, posing and cruising... always cruising. So we had a perfect picture perfect view of what the ritual of Spring Break must be. Looks like Hell to me, and I figure I haven't missed a thing. It took me this long to know that for sure.

When you see the Girls Gone Wild ads, you wonder about these young girls. At least, I do. I saw similar young girls at the resort, obviously very frisky and/or drunk and on drugs in person nearly butt naked raming their rear ends against their men in the middle of the casinos, in the hallways, elevators. Truly, these girls ARE hedonistic, wild and working it. From what I observed, the GGW videos speak to the truth. Woodstock, Haight Ashbury, Boulder and other such places weren't quite this lascivious I don't recall. Yes, I remember nudity, but not to this sportive, exhibitive extreme. The times have changed from idealistic nudity to exhibition.
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