Monday, August 09, 2004

I have dubbed my daughter "The Hamburger Psychic" because she is particularly tuned-in and flowing with information when she is eating a hamburger. She claims that the hamburger helps her to 'ground' so that she doesn't get 'fried' when she links up with the information source that works with her. Last evening as the three of us dined on hamburgers at our favorite sports pub on Maui before going to the movies, we marvelled once again at Gen's psychic gift!

Gen will suddenly announce that she is ready for questions, and so while she eats her hamburger (and between bites), she answers our questions, mostly from Bob. She is uncannily accurate about information, dates and people. Since Bob has so many decisions to make that he has been puzzling over and so many important business deals up-in-the-air, he was eager to hear what she had to say. Because her delivery is so confident and detailed, he pays her the greatest respect.

I remember the first time that she announced her gift to me. We were sitting in a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizone, and she suddenly announced that she knew a lot of things. She was in grade school. So I said, okeydokey...tell me then! And so she began spilling-out all this information about people, places and things that your average gradeschool kid wouldn't be privy to or even have the languaging for. I was even more amazed that she was so casual about it while she munched away at her hamburger. She made quite a number of predictions, all of which came true. On top of her ability to tune-in and answer questions, she is also a prophetic dreamer. This gift also came to her when she was in gradeschool. She would draw me a picture of a place that she saw in her dream, and then lo and behold we would visit the place the next day or meet a person that she saw and had drawn.

She never charges for her gift, and many of her friends come to her for counseling and insights that she shares with them. However, the BEST way to really see her 'do her thang' is to buy her a hamburger at a noisy pub/restaurant and let her go to town. This is when you will see the amazing "Hamburger Psychic" in action!
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