Saturday, July 17, 2004

Talk about distraction by the media! Yesterday the news on television was focused endlessly on the sentencing of Martha Stewart. And in fact, the most extraordinary news was (at least for me) the Sunspots at 142, the X-class flares and the -10 magnetic field. Why? Because I felt nauseous, whoozy, dizzy, headachey, and generally quite miserable. Before I even heard from email buddies that such was the case, I knew something was up big time in the energetic fields. I also knew that I wasn't being hit with a flu bug for these symptoms were quite different, and I had experienced them in prior times when the X-class flares were happening. Thus, reading about the pelicans that disappeared and then the herons in another locale made sense, for birds navigate according to the magnetics. No one knows where all the birds disappeared to. According to a recent article in the New York Times, scientists are concerned about what is happening to the Earth's magnetic fields. After my freaky Friday, I am too!

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