Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A new era is upon us. I can feel it. I know it. However, it's not gonna come overnight. I can feel the presence of the new power, but now I am still dealing with the slow unraveling of the world around us. For me, this is exemplified in the situation I have with a coconut tree.

I know trees have spirits. They are alive, and they are entities in their own right. Lots of people don't feel that way, and thus, trees are easily felled, and those that do so have no understandings about the death of trees. We have a perfectly fabulous 40 feet (or possibly higher) used coconut tree on our property that I have been desperately trying to save because Bob wants it removed. He is putting in a parking space, just like the famous song.

I just found out his plans on a holiday, July 4th, when it seemed nobody was working on all of Maui in a nursery or landscaping office. So I left phone calls on answering machines every place I could find listed in the telephone book. I even asked our neighbors if they wanted our tree for free. So far, I have no takers. And as tomorrow, the time I negotiated with Bob to save the tree's life is up, and the tree butcher will come and cut down this beautiful being. It is so upsetting to me that my back started spasming again.

It seems that old coconut trees are as hard to place as old cats. No one wants them because they are expensive to move and transplant. Trees aren't valued because they are just 'things' (certainly not a sentient presence), and my picture of reality isn't valued because I am not in the majority. It's very challenging for me to live in this world sometimes because of the difference in the way I 'see' and feel. My consolation is that in the new era the animals, the rocks, the trees, etc. will be interactive with humans so that humans realize that they're not the only sentient creatures.
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