Sunday, July 11, 2004

The miserable heat of another Maui summer is here. However, considering that many people in the world are struggling with drought, pestilence, hail-storms, famines, hail storms and heat waves, we are very blest here on Maui. Like most in South Maui, we have our air-conditioners running during the heat of the day, and I don't go to the beach during this part of the day either. Those that live here know better. It's usually the tourists who are baking in radiation. Those that live here and that are the elders know the value of getting moderate sun at the early and later part of the day as well as wearing hats, etc.

Last evening for a brief five or so laps Bob and I joined others for a Cancer Walk in Kalama Park in Kihei. This walk didn't bring a huge turn-out, but those that did showup came to memoralize dear ones that had died from cancer. We purchased a paper bag for Starfire, and I wrote her name on it with fiery red (her favorite color)pen and two stars (in memory of the soul bond between her and her husband). Later on that evening, after it became dark...all these small paper bags would have a candle inserted in them and their names read outloud as the candles flickered through the bags in the night. We didn't stay for this ceremony, but instead moved over to a restaurant across the street to join friends that were at the walk. We talked about old friends that we had known and that hadn't survived...either in the physical sense or the emotional connection. Maui has such strong polarities involved in its energetic make-up that quite often friends & families are torn apart here for reasons unknown to them. A crisis will suddenly appear, and poof! I have witnessed this in my own life as well as the lives of others. This is the REAL Hawaiian hurricane.

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