Tuesday, July 20, 2004

If I had to guess whether people are basically good or basically bad, I would vote for good. In general, I meet and interact with very nice people. Not all of them are always operating in integrity, heartfullness or kindness, but the majority of my encounters with others moves more in this direction when they are given an opening. For instance, the other day I awaited a visit from the local cable company repairman. This appointment had been set-up five days prior, and I was told that sometime between 8 am to 6 pm, the repairman would arrive. Thus, I would be required to spend my whole day at home awaiting him, and I had made no other plans so that I would be available to let him in so he could fix our cable which had someone gotten screwed up.

I received a phone call from the repairman mid-morning with a bullshit excuse, something along the line of the ships at sea are causing this problem (of which he didn't even know what problem we had) and this cable problem is happening to everyone. Now I knew this was a total bs alibi if I had ever heard one, and I wasn't prepared to let him off the hook. So I pressured him, and eventually, he conceded that he would come and take a look around 2pm.

I thought great...I know his timing and I can run a few errands and be back home to await his arrival. Just about the time I was preparing to leave, he suddenly shows up, way before the time he had told me. He was a middle-aged Hawaiian man, and we recognized each other because he had made a house-call before with another cable problem we had. The moment he grokked who I was, his energy shifted to friendly, helpful and considerate. At some point, I believe I heard him mumble a slight apology about the problem not being what he had thought! I just smiled a little smile to myself because I knew he was feeling guilty.

As always, I engaged him in uplifting conversation, and we spoke of his family, his son that had just returned safely from Iraq after having served two assignments over there, his dead mother blowing in his ear to let him know she was visiting after his younger son had received his shots to go back to school. He shared personal information about his political views and feelings about his life. I could tell that he left our home a happier guy. I also had enjoyed the sharing of aloha and the feeling of ohana that comes with everyone that I meet. Yup, this is the ticket: namaste...bow to the god in another, and sure 'nuf, that god usually shows up and acts like the good god they truly are!

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