Monday, July 12, 2004

I was awoken this morning by my partner, Bob, who was freaked out when he discovered the jacuzzi on our second story deck had been torn apart. He immediately jumped to the bizarre conclusion that a chupacabra or a tasmanian devil had leaped up onto our deck in search of water and single handedly had tried to pull open the jacuzzi lid which was clamped down with chains on the side to sate his thirst. I was still groggy from sleep, and yet my logical self told me this couldn't be true. The more I tried to convince Bob of the possibly logical answers, the more irate he became. My daughter investigated the 'crime scene', and her first sleepy-headed commom sense interpretation was that it was the wind. Bob was getting more and more irritated with us, and as we watched him explain for the thousandeth time his supernatural explanation, we started laughing and rolling our eyes. He was serious! We wouldn't buy his story...and so he called the Maui police. The policemean arrived about two mimutes before our worker/handyman who had been on property yesterday. I begged Bob to let the weird story-line that he had concocted go and to not say anything to the police unless they think he was loaded on something. While they were examining the damage to the jacuzzi, Sam ran outside to them and apologized for not telling Bob that he had been there when this strong wind had come and lifted the jacuzzi cover right off the top and slung it over the side and at the same time ripping it from its lock and hinges. Bob was momentarily shocked into reality again by Sam's delayed confession, and then he felt incredibly foolish. Once again his imagination had gotten the best of him! As an Irishman with more than a little bit of blarney in his genes, he does get carried away at times with a vivid and strongly felt gift of embellishment. Some might call it plain old b.s. However, the difference is that Bob's reality plainly overtakes him and that he has no desire to deceive or to get attention or to serve some manipulative purpose. It's plain ol dropping into fairyland for him! At least, he'll have another yarn to share with friends who get a kick out of his stories.
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