Tuesday, July 20, 2004

If I had to guess whether people are basically good or basically bad, I would vote for good. In general, I meet and interact with very nice people. Not all of them are always operating in integrity, heartfullness or kindness, but the majority of my encounters with others moves more in this direction when they are given an opening. For instance, the other day I awaited a visit from the local cable company repairman. This appointment had been set-up five days prior, and I was told that sometime between 8 am to 6 pm, the repairman would arrive. Thus, I would be required to spend my whole day at home awaiting him, and I had made no other plans so that I would be available to let him in so he could fix our cable which had someone gotten screwed up.

I received a phone call from the repairman mid-morning with a bullshit excuse, something along the line of the ships at sea are causing this problem (of which he didn't even know what problem we had) and this cable problem is happening to everyone. Now I knew this was a total bs alibi if I had ever heard one, and I wasn't prepared to let him off the hook. So I pressured him, and eventually, he conceded that he would come and take a look around 2pm.

I thought great...I know his timing and I can run a few errands and be back home to await his arrival. Just about the time I was preparing to leave, he suddenly shows up, way before the time he had told me. He was a middle-aged Hawaiian man, and we recognized each other because he had made a house-call before with another cable problem we had. The moment he grokked who I was, his energy shifted to friendly, helpful and considerate. At some point, I believe I heard him mumble a slight apology about the problem not being what he had thought! I just smiled a little smile to myself because I knew he was feeling guilty.

As always, I engaged him in uplifting conversation, and we spoke of his family, his son that had just returned safely from Iraq after having served two assignments over there, his dead mother blowing in his ear to let him know she was visiting after his younger son had received his shots to go back to school. He shared personal information about his political views and feelings about his life. I could tell that he left our home a happier guy. I also had enjoyed the sharing of aloha and the feeling of ohana that comes with everyone that I meet. Yup, this is the ticket: namaste...bow to the god in another, and sure 'nuf, that god usually shows up and acts like the good god they truly are!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Talk about distraction by the media! Yesterday the news on television was focused endlessly on the sentencing of Martha Stewart. And in fact, the most extraordinary news was (at least for me) the Sunspots at 142, the X-class flares and the -10 magnetic field. Why? Because I felt nauseous, whoozy, dizzy, headachey, and generally quite miserable. Before I even heard from email buddies that such was the case, I knew something was up big time in the energetic fields. I also knew that I wasn't being hit with a flu bug for these symptoms were quite different, and I had experienced them in prior times when the X-class flares were happening. Thus, reading about the pelicans that disappeared and then the herons in another locale made sense, for birds navigate according to the magnetics. No one knows where all the birds disappeared to. According to a recent article in the New York Times, scientists are concerned about what is happening to the Earth's magnetic fields. After my freaky Friday, I am too!

Monday, July 12, 2004

I was awoken this morning by my partner, Bob, who was freaked out when he discovered the jacuzzi on our second story deck had been torn apart. He immediately jumped to the bizarre conclusion that a chupacabra or a tasmanian devil had leaped up onto our deck in search of water and single handedly had tried to pull open the jacuzzi lid which was clamped down with chains on the side to sate his thirst. I was still groggy from sleep, and yet my logical self told me this couldn't be true. The more I tried to convince Bob of the possibly logical answers, the more irate he became. My daughter investigated the 'crime scene', and her first sleepy-headed commom sense interpretation was that it was the wind. Bob was getting more and more irritated with us, and as we watched him explain for the thousandeth time his supernatural explanation, we started laughing and rolling our eyes. He was serious! We wouldn't buy his story...and so he called the Maui police. The policemean arrived about two mimutes before our worker/handyman who had been on property yesterday. I begged Bob to let the weird story-line that he had concocted go and to not say anything to the police unless they think he was loaded on something. While they were examining the damage to the jacuzzi, Sam ran outside to them and apologized for not telling Bob that he had been there when this strong wind had come and lifted the jacuzzi cover right off the top and slung it over the side and at the same time ripping it from its lock and hinges. Bob was momentarily shocked into reality again by Sam's delayed confession, and then he felt incredibly foolish. Once again his imagination had gotten the best of him! As an Irishman with more than a little bit of blarney in his genes, he does get carried away at times with a vivid and strongly felt gift of embellishment. Some might call it plain old b.s. However, the difference is that Bob's reality plainly overtakes him and that he has no desire to deceive or to get attention or to serve some manipulative purpose. It's plain ol dropping into fairyland for him! At least, he'll have another yarn to share with friends who get a kick out of his stories.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

The miserable heat of another Maui summer is here. However, considering that many people in the world are struggling with drought, pestilence, hail-storms, famines, hail storms and heat waves, we are very blest here on Maui. Like most in South Maui, we have our air-conditioners running during the heat of the day, and I don't go to the beach during this part of the day either. Those that live here know better. It's usually the tourists who are baking in radiation. Those that live here and that are the elders know the value of getting moderate sun at the early and later part of the day as well as wearing hats, etc.

Last evening for a brief five or so laps Bob and I joined others for a Cancer Walk in Kalama Park in Kihei. This walk didn't bring a huge turn-out, but those that did showup came to memoralize dear ones that had died from cancer. We purchased a paper bag for Starfire, and I wrote her name on it with fiery red (her favorite color)pen and two stars (in memory of the soul bond between her and her husband). Later on that evening, after it became dark...all these small paper bags would have a candle inserted in them and their names read outloud as the candles flickered through the bags in the night. We didn't stay for this ceremony, but instead moved over to a restaurant across the street to join friends that were at the walk. We talked about old friends that we had known and that hadn't survived...either in the physical sense or the emotional connection. Maui has such strong polarities involved in its energetic make-up that quite often friends & families are torn apart here for reasons unknown to them. A crisis will suddenly appear, and poof! I have witnessed this in my own life as well as the lives of others. This is the REAL Hawaiian hurricane.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A new era is upon us. I can feel it. I know it. However, it's not gonna come overnight. I can feel the presence of the new power, but now I am still dealing with the slow unraveling of the world around us. For me, this is exemplified in the situation I have with a coconut tree.

I know trees have spirits. They are alive, and they are entities in their own right. Lots of people don't feel that way, and thus, trees are easily felled, and those that do so have no understandings about the death of trees. We have a perfectly fabulous 40 feet (or possibly higher) used coconut tree on our property that I have been desperately trying to save because Bob wants it removed. He is putting in a parking space, just like the famous song.

I just found out his plans on a holiday, July 4th, when it seemed nobody was working on all of Maui in a nursery or landscaping office. So I left phone calls on answering machines every place I could find listed in the telephone book. I even asked our neighbors if they wanted our tree for free. So far, I have no takers. And as tomorrow, the time I negotiated with Bob to save the tree's life is up, and the tree butcher will come and cut down this beautiful being. It is so upsetting to me that my back started spasming again.

It seems that old coconut trees are as hard to place as old cats. No one wants them because they are expensive to move and transplant. Trees aren't valued because they are just 'things' (certainly not a sentient presence), and my picture of reality isn't valued because I am not in the majority. It's very challenging for me to live in this world sometimes because of the difference in the way I 'see' and feel. My consolation is that in the new era the animals, the rocks, the trees, etc. will be interactive with humans so that humans realize that they're not the only sentient creatures.

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