Thursday, June 17, 2004

The view from our new master bedroom is quite simply breathtaking! As I walk/run on the treadmill here, I can see Molokini to my left and behind it the island of Kaholave. In front of me I can Lanai in the far distance and the West Maui Mountains to the far right. If I look over my shoulder, I can see high Haleakala looming, regal as a great queen. It's the perfect place to perform a moving meditation.

Today my ruminations are on the matter of manners. Good manners are important to me since this is the way I was raised, and also I believe good manners are inherent in my very nature. Please and thank you and you're welcome come easily to me. Not so for everyone. As a general rule, I have learned that in the long run I am more likely to continue a friendship with those that possess good manners. If after a period of time, potential friends don't reveal themselves to have good manners, I begin to loose interest in them. Fine fancy words or great glib channeled messages cannot sway me if there are not also acts of kindness and unconditional loving, receiving and giving.

In my time on Maui I have witnessed over and over a phenomena that I have come to call the "Maui Mooch Syndrome". This MMS can take many forms, and I have seen it play-out in numerous ways. Even though the MMS is quite prevalent here, I can't say that I haven't seen it elsewhere...for it is everywhere in actuality. However, there does seem to be a large number of those that migrate here to Maui that are enfeebled with MMS and unable to remember a kindness or a gift. Thank you (mahalo) is a foreign word for them, and they never write a thank you note or email. They feel ENTITLED because of many reasons I suppose, but Maui has a way of eventually pulling them to their knees. I have watched this happen time and time again, and I know that Mother Maui has taught them a valuable lesson...if only they will realize it. Unfortunately, most just see Maui as having brought them bad luck or doesn't recognize their greatness or too small. And I just shake my head and think "Oh well."

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