Sunday, June 27, 2004

Tchotchkes! What is it about tchotchkes that call one? What is it about good deals that make one feel supremely lucky and happy? These are the questions I have been asking myself as I observe myself and others at the garage sale which we held this past weekend.

Garage sales are a profession for some on Maui, a hobby for others and a way to furnish your new Maui home for others... on-the-cheap. One practically has to give away your items here on Maui considering the economy and the clientele. Nevertheless, after nearly a ten years lapse, I once again put up my signs on street corners and advertised in the Maui News our two-day garage sale. Even then, we only lasted one day. Why? Garage sales are a strain for multiple reasons. More later about the strain. Right now...I wish to address the blessings and lessons. I found the garage sale was ABSOLUTELY fascinating to see who wants what of your sacred stuff. I experienced amazing revelations in this process. And on top of this, old acquaintances that didn't even know we were at this address showed -up , and thus we caught up on their adventures through the years we had lost touch.

Four of us collated our ready-to-let-go items. By far, I had the most STUFF! Actually, this Stuff really wasn't was beloved sacred objects and embodied spirits. I asked myself (in my shaman perspective) who (of my dear frieds that pretended to be stuff) really wanted to move on and to whom? I loved every item that I put out for display and sale, and every item had a history. Who was gonna find an item or items calling to them? As an astute observer, I watched with fascination.

All my items were truly Storied Beings carrying mana and mega blessings. I watched as one by one these beloved items allowed themselves to move on to their new homes and owners. A grandma bought my old Thai doll for her grandaughter for a quarter. A hiker bought Bob's expensive hiking boots for two dollars plus a backpack for three dollars. A Kathmandu leather jacket that we purchased after negotiation many years ago in Nepal for $75 (that was still in perfect condition) was let go to a Czech girl for $2. In other words, everybody got the best darned deal on Maui! We loved watching the exchange of energies between storied beings and their new owners. Some of the new owners practically ran out of our carport, perhaps fearing that we would change our mind..would we reconsider? I had a lot of deep laughs at the reactions of those that got a really good deal and wondererd if something was amiss with us. Some thought we were nuts and decided to push it. After we gave them the deal of their lifetime, they had the balls to ask for more.

This garage-sale of ours was not your normal garage sale. It was in its essence a formal giveaway ceremony in which the sacred item was gifted to others who will then become the carrier or keeper. All of these items have a destiny. Some of these items I will be able to track because they went to friends. For instance, Ron (our angel neighbor) told me he plans to do an art project with our large copper water fountain. No doubt someday I will see my very beloved friend, the water fountain, transformed and sitting in a prime place in the new home that Ron and his wife will be building soon. I will say aloha and greetings to this dear water fountain friend, and it will respond. The spirit-energy of this fountain found a beautiful caretaker, one that I know that will cherish it.

And so it heart is full of joy.
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