Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The S.A. (Synchronistic Angels) have been working overtime in our lives as of late. I have to give these specialty angels credit for their work. They arrange their synchronistic set-ups in unbelievable, complex ways and with such exquisite timing!Here is one short story (of many) that happened to us:

Yesterday, my partner and I felt we were living within a 'Truman' movie (remember the one with Jim Carrey as the star?). The set-up was pure S.A.

I decided on the spur of the moment to drive into Kahului to buy a new barbeque. We haven't had one for years, and I wanted one. I hadn't planned on taking Bob shopping with me, but as it turned out, this is what happened. He decided to shop at Costco, whereas I had planned on shopping at Home Depot.

After we wallked into Costco, we noticed a large group of barbeques in big boxes. One was on display, and it had all the features I wanted in a big propane barbeque.So we were checking out this barbeque and wondering if we should purchase one. A couple walked up to us and raved about this brand of barbeque. They said they would never buy another one because this one was so great it was good forever. We noted that they were extremely enthusiastic and friendly.

We continued eye-balling this barbeque and wondered if we should look at more elsewhere in the store for comparison. As we stood there, ANOTHER couple walked up to us, and they said they had purchased this brand of barbeque, and they loved it. They also raved about it, and they said almost word for word what the other couple had said.

So now Bob and I are going....ok! Whew! Way weird!! In all of our many shopping expeditions to Costco through the years, we have NEVER had anyone approach us to share about an item, and the set-up of two different couples raving about this barbeque was just uncanny!

This experience could only be written off to the S.A. who obviously wanted us to purchase this item. So we did.
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