Friday, June 11, 2004

Recently I hobbled down the Switchback Trail close to the summit of Haleakala to partcipate in a Venus Ceremony for the Venus Transit with three others. I carried a medium-size backpack loaded down with two cameras, water, healthy apricot treat bars for the group and incidentals. I was favoring my back as I carefully picked my way down the rocky, mist-filled path towards our destination. The left side was still inflamed and very tender, and I had made the wrong selection for footwear as I was wearing my Nike hiking sandals which normally would have been fine but with my painful muscle in my back, now the footgear seemed too light...I should have worn my hiking shoes. Oh well!

At one place on the trail, M. mentioned that she felt light-headed, and just at that moment, I stumbled. I caught myself on my right foot and really zinged myself good! My foot was suddenly hurting more than my back, and we still had a lot of trekking to do.

I carried on with the day's activities of a profound ceremony and did what I know to do in emergency situations: focus your mind elsewhere and carry-on. I was doing great with this attitude until it came time for me to answer the call to nature. So I hiked away from the group into the bushes to relieve myself.

I pulled my hiking pants down to my knees and did so. All was good....until I tried to get back up again. Neither my knee nor my back would support me in getting back up. I was stuck in the boonies of Haleakala with my pants down, and everytime I tried to push myself back up again, the pain was so intense that I would have to stop. After about ten minutes of this, I began to become worried. What a picture I would make if I had to call out to the others to lift me! The humiliation of this scenario finally allowed me to push through the excruciating pain and rise up again! Whew! That could have qualified as one of life's most embarrasing moments.

By the time we had hiked back up the trail and were on the road to Hana, my right foot had swelled up. All I wanted was to get to our lodging in Hana so I could ice it down. There had been hiking plans for the rest of the day, but considering my foot, the group decided to hike the following day which would hopefully give me an opportunity to heal.

However, the group decided to walk on the beach near Koki Island, a small picturesque island off the coast of Hana. By this time, I was in such severe pain, walking even on flat land was out of the question, so I grabbed an old tree branch on the ground and used it as a cane. It was a bit short, so I looked rather enfeebled, scrunched over with this branch! S. searched around for a longer makeshift branch/cane for me, and he found one that was so spectacular that I brought it home with me. Just as I was about to catch up with the rest of the group, an unexpected and drenching downpour came upon us. Everyone rushed back to the car, and I hobbled as fast as I could with my branch. I felt totally stupid. Since I like to think of myself as in fairly great shape for my age, this foot/back thingy was simply ludicrous. How could I get myself into such a handicap?

We all tucked into our respective bedrooms at the house we rented for the night quite early that evening. The energies from the ceremony and from the Venus Transit had been intense, and coupled with my body pains, I was pooped. I locked the door to my bedroom, and tried to go to sleep. I had a hard time doing so and tossed and turned...finally, I fell off to sleep for a bit only to awaken to find my door open. That seemed odd, so I locked it again. Later on, I awoke to discover my door open again. I checked for drafts...nothing! Hmmmmmm.... I decided to put a bag in front of the door and see if the door would open again. I finally fell off to sleep and when I awoke, the door was closed. The bag was in place, and most amazingly, I got out of bed to discover that my back and foot were both healed.

I was exuberant because there was a lot of hiking to sacred sites planned for this day, and I really needed to be in tiptop shape for these hikes. It was a miraculous healing, and I don't know who or what to attribute it to, but here's my pet theory: Hana is known as Heavenly Hana because of the peaceful, healing energy that is so present there. Also, the Ancestors are very strong in their presence there. I feel a healing Ancestor or Ancestors entered my room and worked their magic on me. My second favorite theory is that I entered the Fifth Dimension that evening and in that dimension there are zero frailties or injuries...only perfection.

In any event, I made it through the next day's hikes and ceremonies in an exalted state of bliss, and this has remained with me after I have returned to home in Kihei. It's as if my perceptual windshield has become sparkling clean, and everything and everyone around me is flowing love and goodwill everywhere I go. Everything looks amazingly beautiful.

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