Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I went to the dentist office yesterday for a teeth cleaning, but I ended up with a root canal! Apparently I had a raging bacterial infection going on...and I've been so focused on other things that I didn't even notice it. Now I'm on antibiotics and pain meds. It's weird to feel spacey, and I prefer to feel in-my-body, so I'm going off them even though my mouth is very sore.

What I learned from my wonderful dentist yesterday was something I really needed to know. He informed me that the acid from lemons are the very worst thing for the gums. I drink a lot of lemon water which is very good for the body...but bad for the teeth I was told. So now I have to figure out how to have both. My solution is frequent brushings with baking soda which will nullify the acid from the lemon water. Were all of life's decisions so easily resolved!

The very best dentist and staff is the one I visit on Maui. Ron is located in Kula in an office just a few steps away from his home, and his dental office is not like any other I have ever encountered for the office is so relaxed and laid-back. C.A. is the dragon-lady that keeps everything running smoothly, and she has been with Ron for years. Nothing escapes her attention. Ron has all the latest technology and keeps a running conversation going with the dental assistant and C.A. the whole time he is working. He is so funny, and I want to giggle, but it's very hard with rubber stretched out over your inner mouth with all kinds of equipment moving in and out of your face along with who knows what all. I keep my eyes closed and use my imagination to pretend I am somewhere else, anywhere but where I am!

The office has a matron cat which yesterday had larygnitis. Ron was hobbling around with a bad back as I had been recently, and I felt such compassion for him knowing very well what he was experiencing as I had just come from that place of pain and discomfort myself. A former dental assistant had begun working for Ron again, a woman that I used to see a lot as I have been going to Ron for many years. Her hair was very different, but the eyes were the same. I stared at her knowing that there was something very different about her and more than the hair. As she shared her life with me and caught me up, I knew I had been right. She had done a 180. I have seen others do this before, but it's always startling when others make many drastic changes in their lives. I am awed by the courage it takes to make such change and begin anew. Or maybe there isn't a choice.
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