Saturday, June 05, 2004

I finally had the visit for the last sign-off on the building permit this week from E. He's a very nice soft- spoken man with a tiny diamond ear ring in one ear. I was very nervous because with his signing-off, we are DONE! I doused myself with Anti-anxiety aromatherapy as well as another termed Fearless while I waited for him to show up. My heart was beating rapidly for this final sign-off was an extremely important event. However, we didn't pass the inspection from E. because our interior railing on our stairs was two inches too low! Argggh!

So then I called Bill again and arranged for him to re-do the inner stair railing, and once again, I will have to undergo this anxiety-producing visit by E. However, from what E. said, this next time should be it! After over a year of renovation hell, I want to finish so badly!

Today Bill & Jason re-did the railing today and finished up another few architectural details that were necessary so that we could begin the final interior painting process. It truly looks as if we are closing this chapter in our lives.

Tomorrow my daughter moves back into our home....after many, many years of living elsewhere: Colorado, France and multiple places on Maui. She has broken up with yet another boyfriend, and she is handling this break-up with positivity for the most part. Bob and I are happy that we have a place to offer her as she makes yet another transition. She has been innoculated for moving around from the many moves I put her through as a young girl, so change is not really all that terribly traumatic for her. However, she is undergoing her Saturn Return which is always an important turning point in everyone's life...and it usually happens around her age: 29. What is going to be her choices in the months ahead? She is ripe for a new job, new man, and new life. I can't read her prospects as I can for many because she is too close to my heart, and my desires and wishes for the very best for her intrude upon my psychic clarity.

With the Venus Transit coming any day now, I am feeling huge impending changes for everyone. My gut tells me Big Things are on their way for us all, and I live with a sense of expectation and unease. Am I ready to cope with what may change in the days, weeks and months ahead I ask myself?
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