Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The S.A. (Synchronistic Angels) have been working overtime in our lives as of late. I have to give these specialty angels credit for their work. They arrange their synchronistic set-ups in unbelievable, complex ways and with such exquisite timing!Here is one short story (of many) that happened to us:

Yesterday, my partner and I felt we were living within a 'Truman' movie (remember the one with Jim Carrey as the star?). The set-up was pure S.A.

I decided on the spur of the moment to drive into Kahului to buy a new barbeque. We haven't had one for years, and I wanted one. I hadn't planned on taking Bob shopping with me, but as it turned out, this is what happened. He decided to shop at Costco, whereas I had planned on shopping at Home Depot.

After we wallked into Costco, we noticed a large group of barbeques in big boxes. One was on display, and it had all the features I wanted in a big propane barbeque.So we were checking out this barbeque and wondering if we should purchase one. A couple walked up to us and raved about this brand of barbeque. They said they would never buy another one because this one was so great it was good forever. We noted that they were extremely enthusiastic and friendly.

We continued eye-balling this barbeque and wondered if we should look at more elsewhere in the store for comparison. As we stood there, ANOTHER couple walked up to us, and they said they had purchased this brand of barbeque, and they loved it. They also raved about it, and they said almost word for word what the other couple had said.

So now Bob and I are going....ok! Whew! Way weird!! In all of our many shopping expeditions to Costco through the years, we have NEVER had anyone approach us to share about an item, and the set-up of two different couples raving about this barbeque was just uncanny!

This experience could only be written off to the S.A. who obviously wanted us to purchase this item. So we did.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Tchotchkes! What is it about tchotchkes that call one? What is it about good deals that make one feel supremely lucky and happy? These are the questions I have been asking myself as I observe myself and others at the garage sale which we held this past weekend.

Garage sales are a profession for some on Maui, a hobby for others and a way to furnish your new Maui home for others... on-the-cheap. One practically has to give away your items here on Maui considering the economy and the clientele. Nevertheless, after nearly a ten years lapse, I once again put up my signs on street corners and advertised in the Maui News our two-day garage sale. Even then, we only lasted one day. Why? Garage sales are a strain for multiple reasons. More later about the strain. Right now...I wish to address the blessings and lessons. I found the garage sale was ABSOLUTELY fascinating to see who wants what of your sacred stuff. I experienced amazing revelations in this process. And on top of this, old acquaintances that didn't even know we were at this address showed -up , and thus we caught up on their adventures through the years we had lost touch.

Four of us collated our ready-to-let-go items. By far, I had the most STUFF! Actually, this Stuff really wasn't stuff....it was beloved sacred objects and embodied spirits. I asked myself (in my shaman perspective) who (of my dear frieds that pretended to be stuff) really wanted to move on and to whom? I loved every item that I put out for display and sale, and every item had a history. Who was gonna find an item or items calling to them? As an astute observer, I watched with fascination.

All my items were truly Storied Beings carrying mana and mega blessings. I watched as one by one these beloved items allowed themselves to move on to their new homes and owners. A grandma bought my old Thai doll for her grandaughter for a quarter. A hiker bought Bob's expensive hiking boots for two dollars plus a backpack for three dollars. A Kathmandu leather jacket that we purchased after negotiation many years ago in Nepal for $75 (that was still in perfect condition) was let go to a Czech girl for $2. In other words, everybody got the best darned deal on Maui! We loved watching the exchange of energies between storied beings and their new owners. Some of the new owners practically ran out of our carport, perhaps fearing that we would change our mind..would we reconsider? I had a lot of deep laughs at the reactions of those that got a really good deal and wondererd if something was amiss with us. Some thought we were nuts and decided to push it. After we gave them the deal of their lifetime, they had the balls to ask for more.

This garage-sale of ours was not your normal garage sale. It was in its essence a formal giveaway ceremony in which the sacred item was gifted to others who will then become the carrier or keeper. All of these items have a destiny. Some of these items I will be able to track because they went to friends. For instance, Ron (our angel neighbor) told me he plans to do an art project with our large copper water fountain. No doubt someday I will see my very beloved friend, the water fountain, transformed and sitting in a prime place in the new home that Ron and his wife will be building soon. I will say aloha and greetings to this dear water fountain friend, and it will respond. The spirit-energy of this fountain found a beautiful caretaker, one that I know that will cherish it.

And so it went...my heart is full of joy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

One of the great legendary teachers and Masters on this planet passed away recently...June 17th to be exact. His name was Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, a renowned Sufi Master.

Pir Vilayat first came to me in dreams back in the '70's. At that time, I didn't know who he was, and when I finally discovered a picture of him in a book, I was amazed that he was actually a living master and the head of the Sufi Order.

Eventually, I finally had my opportunity to spend time with him at a special week-long retreat in Tucson, Arizona. The moment we laid eyes on each other, we both smiled because we were at last meeting in the physcial. We knew each other! He was the most amazing teacher and being. I chose to become initiated by him as a Sufi, and I will never forget the moments we shared under a shade tree during my private initiation where he gave me my Sufi name. His golden brown eyes seemed especially golden that day. His divine presence radiated from his eyes. I had never experienced unconditional love from another like from him.

Through some unknown means, he was able to activate my kundalini to open my heart chakra. Kundalini burns, but oh....who cares when you feel so much joy! With his assistance, my life turned around, and I will forever be in deep gratitude to him. Since he first appeared to me in dreams, and since I haven't seen him in the physical in many years, I feel he never really left me, for he works on the higher dimensions

To read more about this exceptional master and actually hear his last lecture, here is the website:


Thursday, June 17, 2004

The view from our new master bedroom is quite simply breathtaking! As I walk/run on the treadmill here, I can see Molokini to my left and behind it the island of Kaholave. In front of me I can Lanai in the far distance and the West Maui Mountains to the far right. If I look over my shoulder, I can see high Haleakala looming, regal as a great queen. It's the perfect place to perform a moving meditation.

Today my ruminations are on the matter of manners. Good manners are important to me since this is the way I was raised, and also I believe good manners are inherent in my very nature. Please and thank you and you're welcome come easily to me. Not so for everyone. As a general rule, I have learned that in the long run I am more likely to continue a friendship with those that possess good manners. If after a period of time, potential friends don't reveal themselves to have good manners, I begin to loose interest in them. Fine fancy words or great glib channeled messages cannot sway me if there are not also acts of kindness and unconditional loving, receiving and giving.

In my time on Maui I have witnessed over and over a phenomena that I have come to call the "Maui Mooch Syndrome". This MMS can take many forms, and I have seen it play-out in numerous ways. Even though the MMS is quite prevalent here, I can't say that I haven't seen it elsewhere...for it is everywhere in actuality. However, there does seem to be a large number of those that migrate here to Maui that are enfeebled with MMS and unable to remember a kindness or a gift. Thank you (mahalo) is a foreign word for them, and they never write a thank you note or email. They feel ENTITLED because of many reasons I suppose, but Maui has a way of eventually pulling them to their knees. I have watched this happen time and time again, and I know that Mother Maui has taught them a valuable lesson...if only they will realize it. Unfortunately, most just see Maui as having brought them bad luck or doesn't recognize their greatness or too small. And I just shake my head and think "Oh well."

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I went to the dentist office yesterday for a teeth cleaning, but I ended up with a root canal! Apparently I had a raging bacterial infection going on...and I've been so focused on other things that I didn't even notice it. Now I'm on antibiotics and pain meds. It's weird to feel spacey, and I prefer to feel in-my-body, so I'm going off them even though my mouth is very sore.

What I learned from my wonderful dentist yesterday was something I really needed to know. He informed me that the acid from lemons are the very worst thing for the gums. I drink a lot of lemon water which is very good for the body...but bad for the teeth I was told. So now I have to figure out how to have both. My solution is frequent brushings with baking soda which will nullify the acid from the lemon water. Were all of life's decisions so easily resolved!

The very best dentist and staff is the one I visit on Maui. Ron is located in Kula in an office just a few steps away from his home, and his dental office is not like any other I have ever encountered for the office is so relaxed and laid-back. C.A. is the dragon-lady that keeps everything running smoothly, and she has been with Ron for years. Nothing escapes her attention. Ron has all the latest technology and keeps a running conversation going with the dental assistant and C.A. the whole time he is working. He is so funny, and I want to giggle, but it's very hard with rubber stretched out over your inner mouth with all kinds of equipment moving in and out of your face along with who knows what all. I keep my eyes closed and use my imagination to pretend I am somewhere else, anywhere but where I am!

The office has a matron cat which yesterday had larygnitis. Ron was hobbling around with a bad back as I had been recently, and I felt such compassion for him knowing very well what he was experiencing as I had just come from that place of pain and discomfort myself. A former dental assistant had begun working for Ron again, a woman that I used to see a lot as I have been going to Ron for many years. Her hair was very different, but the eyes were the same. I stared at her knowing that there was something very different about her and more than the hair. As she shared her life with me and caught me up, I knew I had been right. She had done a 180. I have seen others do this before, but it's always startling when others make many drastic changes in their lives. I am awed by the courage it takes to make such change and begin anew. Or maybe there isn't a choice.

Monday, June 14, 2004

We passed the final inspection on the home renovation today! Oh Happy Day! And even more amazing was that today is Earnie's birthday! Earnie is the inspector that Bob and I have gotten to know through his many calls upon us in his inspection ritual. So I asked Earnie what he's going to do to celebrate on his birthday, and he answered with a grin, "Make someone like you happy!" I loved that!

I have always liked Earnie...there is a twinkle in his eye that nearly matches the twinkle of the diamond in his ear. But today was the day that I finally had the opportunity to talk story with Earnie because no one else was around. He shared with me about his wife, his children, his grandchildren, his dreams, his life! His family goes way back...maybe fourth generation Maui! His ancestory is Japanese/Portugese, and he lives in the local section of Maui: Wailuku. He even has a daughter the same age as mine. It is wonderful, soft people like Earnie that make me love living here. The locals, especially, are such beautiful soft, loving souls. They grew up here, and the ones that haven't succumbed to drugs are very special beings. Is it something in the air, the water, the land, the close-to-heaven vibe here? I dunno....but I do know that even with the challenges that come with living in these blessed isles, there are more benefits and blessings!

When I say 'soft', I mean soft as the highest compliment. The edges on one have vanished, and one has integrated the harsher elements within themselves. One isn't owned by agendas and timetables. One slows down and appreciates. It's the island way. And oh the mana that then flows through one!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Recently I hobbled down the Switchback Trail close to the summit of Haleakala to partcipate in a Venus Ceremony for the Venus Transit with three others. I carried a medium-size backpack loaded down with two cameras, water, healthy apricot treat bars for the group and incidentals. I was favoring my back as I carefully picked my way down the rocky, mist-filled path towards our destination. The left side was still inflamed and very tender, and I had made the wrong selection for footwear as I was wearing my Nike hiking sandals which normally would have been fine but with my painful muscle in my back, now the footgear seemed too light...I should have worn my hiking shoes. Oh well!

At one place on the trail, M. mentioned that she felt light-headed, and just at that moment, I stumbled. I caught myself on my right foot and really zinged myself good! My foot was suddenly hurting more than my back, and we still had a lot of trekking to do.

I carried on with the day's activities of a profound ceremony and did what I know to do in emergency situations: focus your mind elsewhere and carry-on. I was doing great with this attitude until it came time for me to answer the call to nature. So I hiked away from the group into the bushes to relieve myself.

I pulled my hiking pants down to my knees and did so. All was good....until I tried to get back up again. Neither my knee nor my back would support me in getting back up. I was stuck in the boonies of Haleakala with my pants down, and everytime I tried to push myself back up again, the pain was so intense that I would have to stop. After about ten minutes of this, I began to become worried. What a picture I would make if I had to call out to the others to lift me! The humiliation of this scenario finally allowed me to push through the excruciating pain and rise up again! Whew! That could have qualified as one of life's most embarrasing moments.

By the time we had hiked back up the trail and were on the road to Hana, my right foot had swelled up. All I wanted was to get to our lodging in Hana so I could ice it down. There had been hiking plans for the rest of the day, but considering my foot, the group decided to hike the following day which would hopefully give me an opportunity to heal.

However, the group decided to walk on the beach near Koki Island, a small picturesque island off the coast of Hana. By this time, I was in such severe pain, walking even on flat land was out of the question, so I grabbed an old tree branch on the ground and used it as a cane. It was a bit short, so I looked rather enfeebled, scrunched over with this branch! S. searched around for a longer makeshift branch/cane for me, and he found one that was so spectacular that I brought it home with me. Just as I was about to catch up with the rest of the group, an unexpected and drenching downpour came upon us. Everyone rushed back to the car, and I hobbled as fast as I could with my branch. I felt totally stupid. Since I like to think of myself as in fairly great shape for my age, this foot/back thingy was simply ludicrous. How could I get myself into such a handicap?

We all tucked into our respective bedrooms at the house we rented for the night quite early that evening. The energies from the ceremony and from the Venus Transit had been intense, and coupled with my body pains, I was pooped. I locked the door to my bedroom, and tried to go to sleep. I had a hard time doing so and tossed and turned...finally, I fell off to sleep for a bit only to awaken to find my door open. That seemed odd, so I locked it again. Later on, I awoke to discover my door open again. I checked for drafts...nothing! Hmmmmmm.... I decided to put a bag in front of the door and see if the door would open again. I finally fell off to sleep and when I awoke, the door was closed. The bag was in place, and most amazingly, I got out of bed to discover that my back and foot were both healed.

I was exuberant because there was a lot of hiking to sacred sites planned for this day, and I really needed to be in tiptop shape for these hikes. It was a miraculous healing, and I don't know who or what to attribute it to, but here's my pet theory: Hana is known as Heavenly Hana because of the peaceful, healing energy that is so present there. Also, the Ancestors are very strong in their presence there. I feel a healing Ancestor or Ancestors entered my room and worked their magic on me. My second favorite theory is that I entered the Fifth Dimension that evening and in that dimension there are zero frailties or injuries...only perfection.

In any event, I made it through the next day's hikes and ceremonies in an exalted state of bliss, and this has remained with me after I have returned to home in Kihei. It's as if my perceptual windshield has become sparkling clean, and everything and everyone around me is flowing love and goodwill everywhere I go. Everything looks amazingly beautiful.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I finally had the visit for the last sign-off on the building permit this week from E. He's a very nice soft- spoken man with a tiny diamond ear ring in one ear. I was very nervous because with his signing-off, we are DONE! I doused myself with Anti-anxiety aromatherapy as well as another termed Fearless while I waited for him to show up. My heart was beating rapidly for this final sign-off was an extremely important event. However, we didn't pass the inspection from E. because our interior railing on our stairs was two inches too low! Argggh!

So then I called Bill again and arranged for him to re-do the inner stair railing, and once again, I will have to undergo this anxiety-producing visit by E. However, from what E. said, this next time should be it! After over a year of renovation hell, I want to finish so badly!

Today Bill & Jason re-did the railing today and finished up another few architectural details that were necessary so that we could begin the final interior painting process. It truly looks as if we are closing this chapter in our lives.

Tomorrow my daughter moves back into our home....after many, many years of living elsewhere: Colorado, France and multiple places on Maui. She has broken up with yet another boyfriend, and she is handling this break-up with positivity for the most part. Bob and I are happy that we have a place to offer her as she makes yet another transition. She has been innoculated for moving around from the many moves I put her through as a young girl, so change is not really all that terribly traumatic for her. However, she is undergoing her Saturn Return which is always an important turning point in everyone's life...and it usually happens around her age: 29. What is going to be her choices in the months ahead? She is ripe for a new job, new man, and new life. I can't read her prospects as I can for many because she is too close to my heart, and my desires and wishes for the very best for her intrude upon my psychic clarity.

With the Venus Transit coming any day now, I am feeling huge impending changes for everyone. My gut tells me Big Things are on their way for us all, and I live with a sense of expectation and unease. Am I ready to cope with what may change in the days, weeks and months ahead I ask myself?

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