Thursday, May 27, 2004

My work-load finally caught up with muscle in my back is really causing me a lot of pain. So yesterday I was hobbling around in misery. Luckily, I have a great masseuse that is my next door neighbor. She employs hot rocks in her massage work, and that is exactly what my back was begging for..some kneading and nurturing! Afterwards, she iced me for ten minutes and told me to slow down for the next couple of days.

Easy for her to say! However, I have a timetable and I need to complete the cleaning of one side of the house in preparation for the painter on Saturday, and this back bedroom is still dirty and loaded down with the infamous STUFF!

With so much pain and my inability to continue, Bob hired a husband and wife team to come clean and move stuff. Unfortunately, they also brought a small child with them, much to my dismay. This child has nothing to do but watch cartoons on the tv and run around flailing brooms in the air while the parents do their work, paying the child no heed. My heart is in my throat wondering what the child is going to break or do to herself. Bob is furious that they didn't notify him they would be bringing their child with them.

They are Filipinos, of course, as are most (if not all) of Bob's employees. The Filipinos, as a general rule, work extremely hard and make up much of the labor force on this island, especially for menial work. Many of them squish themselves together into small, modest homes so that they can save & send monies to their relatives back home in the Phillipines. Inevitably, they drive nice new hardly ever see them driving a Maui cruiser. They drive new trucks, Lincoln Navigators and SUV's. They put their money into their cars and their families.

I phoned Bob and told him of this situation and asked him to call Richard, the housecleaner, while Richard, his wife and child were on their lunch break. I asked Bob to tell them not to come back unless they could return without the liability of the child. Apparently, Richard already has one workman's comp claim going on, and as it so often happens here in the Islands, some people are always LOOKING for a claim. This little four year old girl was a liability waiting to happen. She kept running up and down our steep stairs, and I prayed to the angels that she wouldn't hurt herself which would then result in a claim against us. It's totally amazing to me how people have tried to set us up in the past for claims. I even had a good friend (known to be very sue-happy and litigious) to try and start up with me about how she had twisted her ankle on our outdoor stairs. If I had given her an opening and any sympathy, I don't have any doubt in my mind that she would have tried to make a claim. Thus, we have to keep very aware of those that are of a certain ilk. Sad to say, but true!

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