Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I've been 'powering-out' for so long now that I can scarcely remember what leisure time is..or even what day it is! It's kinda like that old movie, "If this is Tuesday, this must be Belgium" or something like that. Yesterday it was the drywall man again to finish up. Today it was the painter putting on the finishing touches outside. Yesterday the tile men finished the entry decking and the jacuzzi man to fix the jacuzzi after it was moved for painting which then wouldn't create hot water. Ther is always something new to attend to! Just when I think I'm almost finished, something else demands my attention!

My daughter is moving back in with us as she has broken-up with her partner. She is going through periods of elation and despair, and I am doing my best to be a support system for her during this tumultuous time. She didn't really want to move back here, but after checking out the price of rentals on Maui, she decided to swalllow her pride and see our place as a great opportunity to save monies. I will delight in having her presence close-by, even though she's rarely home as her work schedule keeps her out-and-about. I've already arranged the moving men to pick up her furniture and boxes in early June so that she can begin the process of getting re-settled. This move is happening during her Saturn-Return...a time of momentuous change for any and all during their Saturn Return.

There is a feeling of something "Big"that will be happening...so much so that all these mundane concerns will be small potatoes. What is it going to be?

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