Friday, May 14, 2004

I decided to take a bit of time for myself today. I have been rushing so much lately in my attempt to finish up our home. I want my life back again! With all the packing, cleaning, moving my whole body is sore! My shoulders and lower back are especially tight with the continual stair stepping up the three levels. I told the painters to throw away all my old exercise equipment that was taking up an enormous amount of space on the deck. One of these items was my trusty (and rusty) stairmaster machine which at one time saw a lot of use...nowadays, it's the REAL stairs inside my home that I am employing.

Since this renovation project began last May, we have been tossing and giving away so many items that it boggles my mind. How do two people accumulate so much stuff? We are both feeling lighter and lighter with less stuff. Stuff requires management, maintenance and vigilance so that it remains good stuff and YOUR stuff! This stuff-management is very time-consuming. With less stuff, we are feeling less attached to stuff in general. The angels always find the perfect recepient for every item. I noticed that the painting crew availed themselves of all the heavy exercise equipment and hauled it away in their trucks. This makes me happy!

Actually, we STILL have too much stuff, and so there will be yet more stuff to find a home for. We want the minimal, dramatic look in our home. Only choice pieces of art on the wall...less furniture....less obligations...less gee-gaws and chatchkas...less clutter. More light, more space, more freedom! Onwards and upwards!

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