Sunday, May 30, 2004

Dig it or dis it...that is where Bob and I stand on the subject of Kris Kristofferson. We went to his Maui concert this past weekend, and to my ears, all of Kris's songs sound exactly alike! His music puts me to sleep. Now Bob, on the other hand, just loves Kris's music! He is usually the loudest one in the crowd cheering Kris on, and inevitably called out for Kris to sing his Silver Tongue Devil song. That's Bob! Kris answered back that he would get to it...which he eventually did as he sang most of his popular hits. I was really amazed at the poor turn-out he got, especially since Kris resides on Maui in Hana.

Bob had bought tickets for Bill & Jason as a thank-you gift for the excellent work they have done for us in our construction, even though they aren't yet finished because they started working on Leonard's renovation which is a huge project. It just so happened (as it often does on Maui) that Leonard was sitting exactly in front of us at the concert with his new wife that we had not met til the night of the concert.

I've been a little bit upset with Bill that he hasn't gotten around to finishing up the details that he needed to do so that we could move ahead with painting, etc. However, part of me understands that he has this really BIG gig working for Leonard, and that now Bill has to fit US in to his busy schedule. The business to be in on Maui these days is anything to do with construction as there is so much demand for good builders. Apparently Leonard has suffered a nightmare with a former builder, and has already blown a couple hundred thousand dollars! Now Bill is fixing the mess of the other builder. Even our house painter, Steven, is being called upon to do other work in the neighborhood because others have seen what good work he does. Will Steven be unable to finish our painting too because of the demand for his talent? Whew! How to keep your good ones from being scooped up and whisked away from you?!
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