Sunday, May 30, 2004

Dig it or dis it...that is where Bob and I stand on the subject of Kris Kristofferson. We went to his Maui concert this past weekend, and to my ears, all of Kris's songs sound exactly alike! His music puts me to sleep. Now Bob, on the other hand, just loves Kris's music! He is usually the loudest one in the crowd cheering Kris on, and inevitably called out for Kris to sing his Silver Tongue Devil song. That's Bob! Kris answered back that he would get to it...which he eventually did as he sang most of his popular hits. I was really amazed at the poor turn-out he got, especially since Kris resides on Maui in Hana.

Bob had bought tickets for Bill & Jason as a thank-you gift for the excellent work they have done for us in our construction, even though they aren't yet finished because they started working on Leonard's renovation which is a huge project. It just so happened (as it often does on Maui) that Leonard was sitting exactly in front of us at the concert with his new wife that we had not met til the night of the concert.

I've been a little bit upset with Bill that he hasn't gotten around to finishing up the details that he needed to do so that we could move ahead with painting, etc. However, part of me understands that he has this really BIG gig working for Leonard, and that now Bill has to fit US in to his busy schedule. The business to be in on Maui these days is anything to do with construction as there is so much demand for good builders. Apparently Leonard has suffered a nightmare with a former builder, and has already blown a couple hundred thousand dollars! Now Bill is fixing the mess of the other builder. Even our house painter, Steven, is being called upon to do other work in the neighborhood because others have seen what good work he does. Will Steven be unable to finish our painting too because of the demand for his talent? Whew! How to keep your good ones from being scooped up and whisked away from you?!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

My work-load finally caught up with muscle in my back is really causing me a lot of pain. So yesterday I was hobbling around in misery. Luckily, I have a great masseuse that is my next door neighbor. She employs hot rocks in her massage work, and that is exactly what my back was begging for..some kneading and nurturing! Afterwards, she iced me for ten minutes and told me to slow down for the next couple of days.

Easy for her to say! However, I have a timetable and I need to complete the cleaning of one side of the house in preparation for the painter on Saturday, and this back bedroom is still dirty and loaded down with the infamous STUFF!

With so much pain and my inability to continue, Bob hired a husband and wife team to come clean and move stuff. Unfortunately, they also brought a small child with them, much to my dismay. This child has nothing to do but watch cartoons on the tv and run around flailing brooms in the air while the parents do their work, paying the child no heed. My heart is in my throat wondering what the child is going to break or do to herself. Bob is furious that they didn't notify him they would be bringing their child with them.

They are Filipinos, of course, as are most (if not all) of Bob's employees. The Filipinos, as a general rule, work extremely hard and make up much of the labor force on this island, especially for menial work. Many of them squish themselves together into small, modest homes so that they can save & send monies to their relatives back home in the Phillipines. Inevitably, they drive nice new hardly ever see them driving a Maui cruiser. They drive new trucks, Lincoln Navigators and SUV's. They put their money into their cars and their families.

I phoned Bob and told him of this situation and asked him to call Richard, the housecleaner, while Richard, his wife and child were on their lunch break. I asked Bob to tell them not to come back unless they could return without the liability of the child. Apparently, Richard already has one workman's comp claim going on, and as it so often happens here in the Islands, some people are always LOOKING for a claim. This little four year old girl was a liability waiting to happen. She kept running up and down our steep stairs, and I prayed to the angels that she wouldn't hurt herself which would then result in a claim against us. It's totally amazing to me how people have tried to set us up in the past for claims. I even had a good friend (known to be very sue-happy and litigious) to try and start up with me about how she had twisted her ankle on our outdoor stairs. If I had given her an opening and any sympathy, I don't have any doubt in my mind that she would have tried to make a claim. Thus, we have to keep very aware of those that are of a certain ilk. Sad to say, but true!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I've been 'powering-out' for so long now that I can scarcely remember what leisure time is..or even what day it is! It's kinda like that old movie, "If this is Tuesday, this must be Belgium" or something like that. Yesterday it was the drywall man again to finish up. Today it was the painter putting on the finishing touches outside. Yesterday the tile men finished the entry decking and the jacuzzi man to fix the jacuzzi after it was moved for painting which then wouldn't create hot water. Ther is always something new to attend to! Just when I think I'm almost finished, something else demands my attention!

My daughter is moving back in with us as she has broken-up with her partner. She is going through periods of elation and despair, and I am doing my best to be a support system for her during this tumultuous time. She didn't really want to move back here, but after checking out the price of rentals on Maui, she decided to swalllow her pride and see our place as a great opportunity to save monies. I will delight in having her presence close-by, even though she's rarely home as her work schedule keeps her out-and-about. I've already arranged the moving men to pick up her furniture and boxes in early June so that she can begin the process of getting re-settled. This move is happening during her Saturn-Return...a time of momentuous change for any and all during their Saturn Return.

There is a feeling of something "Big"that will be much so that all these mundane concerns will be small potatoes. What is it going to be?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I have been on overwhelm for so long now that I am beginning to get used to it, sad to say. There are very few days where I can play anymore because of the endless tasks to try to fit into a day. Of course, I manage to take a peek at the alternative news on the net, especially the kind of news that prophesize big changes coming to the Earth. I have been patiently waiting for the Shift, and now I am growing increasingly impatient.

If any of the prophecies for the upcoming period of June do indeed come to pass, surely the Shift will alter this endless renovation! Isn't everyone over-ripe, exhausted, broke, bored and eager for the new to unfold like me? With the news of the moon being in the wrong place, strange lights appearing in Mexico and Long Island, and horrible events happening globally, methinks that everyone is sensing that something out-of-the-ordinary is gonna happen...and soon! What's it gonna be and how it's going to come down is anyone's guess at this point.

Friday, May 14, 2004

I decided to take a bit of time for myself today. I have been rushing so much lately in my attempt to finish up our home. I want my life back again! With all the packing, cleaning, moving my whole body is sore! My shoulders and lower back are especially tight with the continual stair stepping up the three levels. I told the painters to throw away all my old exercise equipment that was taking up an enormous amount of space on the deck. One of these items was my trusty (and rusty) stairmaster machine which at one time saw a lot of use...nowadays, it's the REAL stairs inside my home that I am employing.

Since this renovation project began last May, we have been tossing and giving away so many items that it boggles my mind. How do two people accumulate so much stuff? We are both feeling lighter and lighter with less stuff. Stuff requires management, maintenance and vigilance so that it remains good stuff and YOUR stuff! This stuff-management is very time-consuming. With less stuff, we are feeling less attached to stuff in general. The angels always find the perfect recepient for every item. I noticed that the painting crew availed themselves of all the heavy exercise equipment and hauled it away in their trucks. This makes me happy!

Actually, we STILL have too much stuff, and so there will be yet more stuff to find a home for. We want the minimal, dramatic look in our home. Only choice pieces of art on the wall...less furniture....less obligations...less gee-gaws and chatchkas...less clutter. More light, more space, more freedom! Onwards and upwards!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

After a year of renovation, I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel! Just as everyone who has been through renovation hell has told us, the project always goes overbudget and takes longer than planned! And so it has been with us!

I am thrilled with the outside painting contractor I chose. He has the Right Stuff.... a true professional that has been in the business for 28 years with a crack team of five men. They started on Mother's Day and already they are half way through painting the house! I chose a very soft silvery gray teal with cream trim with a darker peach for the front door. I added yesterday (per my friend Kristin's suggestion as we were eyeballing our home from across the street) the additional paint of one sliver of dark teal under the eaves and running down one side. This dark trim adds even more punch to the home! Hey, it's looking fine!

Today I have arranged the boyz to finish up the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. I purchased all the components yesterday, and I am eager to move into my upstairs closet. We have a magnificent view of Haleakala from our closet window. On the other side of the closet, we have a cut-out architectural feature which allows an ocean view.

Only a couple of more weeks to go I am speculating at this point.... large pictures have to be hung, the old carpets shampooed, more drywall done around the three new windows, the rest of the house painted inside, and then I want a huge house-warming party to celebrate!

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