Friday, April 02, 2004

What a day...I finally decided I was going to have a life again and get out of the house and run errands, have lunch with Bob and our visitors from Oregon, shop and enjoy the beautiful spring day. When I returned, I saw three angry men in my driveway...Sam and two painters who had just been told they were fired and to get the f**** off the property by Bill. I heard their side of the story, then went upstairs to hear Bill's side of the story. After hearing Bill's version, I commended him again for his championing our cause. The painter's had once again shown up with no plastic to cover anything, and they were preparing to paint without any respect or care. Bill wouldn't have it!

Shanti is preparing his special mango and sticky rice in the kitchen as Bob, Shanti and I discuss the many miscommunications that are part and parcel of creation. For clear communications, it seems there can't be enough checking and re-checking, especially when there is a language challenge such as we often deal with over here.

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