Sunday, April 18, 2004

Today was the kind of picture perfect day on Maui that makes Maui such an alluring travel destination: blue skies, gentle breezes, not too hot or too cold and everyone has smiles on their faces. I went to the beach for several hours with my daughter and talked story with her, then we came home and searched through some recent catalogues for new swimwear for ourselves, selected some which we called to purchase. I threw my old swimsuit in the trash for it had seen better days. This isn't the only item I have been disposing of lately for I am in the midst of Spring Cleaning. Nearly every day I find something to release either by trashing it or giving it to someone.

There is a sense of impending change that is palpable. I keep getting the message from Spirit: lighten up, detach, let go. And even though I keep moving stuff on out of my life, there always seems to be more to go!

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