Friday, April 16, 2004


Thirst For Revenge

I went to the matinee movie yesterday by MYSELF! Bob wanted to play one last round of golf before Shanti left Maui today, and I needed to escape from the construction noise in the worst way. My original intention was to see the movie Kill Bill, Part Two, but as it turned out, this movie wasn't open yet...and I was a day early. In my eagerness to escape, I plunked my monies down on the only movie that was soon-to-start. This was a movie I would never have selected because I had assumed it to be a teen comedy. Most teen comedies are so pat and cliched that they don't offer me many yuks, but I was desperate at this point. I paid for the movie The Girl Next Door.

I was joined in the empty movie theater with three other teenage boys. The main star and object of lust in this movie was a beautiful young blond, and she was indeed a sexy, young beauty. As the movie unfolded and I pinched myself at the surreality, I put myself into philosopher-mode and studied the underlying theme of the movie, quite aside from the obvious teenage angst and lust storyline.

This movie was essentially about loss and betrayal, and the bottom line was that this innocent movie was a soft teen version of Kill Bill Two... the primary theme was the same! In this movie, there was not very much bloodshed or mayhem, but the concept of REVENGE was very obvious.

I reflected upon the theme of revenge and why it is so popular in movies. I recalled all of the atrocities that have occured on this planet (and perhaps elsewhere before this planet was even populated) that have never been fully revenged or addressed, and how the Great Wheel has been turning with karma and revenge for all of us for who knows how long. There must be a huge rubbish heap of subconscious memories within all of us that has never been cleared...cruelties that happened to us in other lifetimes and which we have buried within and which call for resolution. Also, there must be cruelties that we have enacted upon others and which now call for balancing as the parts of slave & master switched in different lifetimes.

Flashback-within-a-flashback came upon me of the histories I have read about as well as personal histories, both in this lifetime and others I have remembered. So much carnage, pain and suffering we all have experienced, and yet, do we wish to stop the wheel before we've had an opportunity for revenge? I would wager that many (given the opportunity) would like to have that one final, parting shot of revenge before The Grand Shift. Is this the opportunity that we see happening on the planet right now as there seems to be a perverse full swing into pain and suffering. Are we acting out the final act of the Piscean Age before we move on to the Age of Aquarian Enlightenment?

I know it can be done, for I have done it: Forgiveness is possible and healthy for the soul. Will others do it? How much longer will the polarizing continue?The subconscious buried pain within so many calls for a roaring rampage of revenge and will continue until people realize that there are hidden worlds within themselves which they have denied and which continue to 'play-out' over and over and over. This isn't the fun game of cowboy and indian that young children play...this is serious shit. This is the Great Wheel.

I like to imagine a great wave of High Consciousness washing over the planet, and as it does so, people are awakened to the fullness of themselves and lay down their swords and desire for revenge. They forgive others and themselves. They step off the wheel and celebrate with one another a Brand New Day...and they are instantly healed of their histories. Revenge will be forgotten and seen for how it served the Wheel.

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