Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The shit has hit the fan today, and the fur be a-flying! I have been anticipating this on many fronts, and it is now here.

First, I receive a phone call from my daughter who informed me that she had fought all night and all morning with her boyfriend whom she lives with. They traded many insults, and when she left to drive to work, she called me on her cellphone to tell me about this huge quarrel. She told me she had packed her bags last night to come over here, but she calmed down and didn't do so. However, she is feeling it is only a matter of time now before they finalize their completion.

While she was crying on the phone with me, Bill & Jason finally arrived to work, and Bill discovered the letter that Bob had written to him which I had placed on top of Bill's work equipment. Bob had wanted me to give it to him in person and do the anger/interface with Bill so Bob wouldn't have to do it. But as it turned out, I was on the phone calming my daughter down when Bill arrived. I heard a lot of banging around and angry energies penetrated to the back bedroom where I was on the phone. Bill and Jason took off, and I knew Bill would be calling Bob on his cellphone.

Bob is on the golfcourse with Jim, our Colorado friend, who just loves this kind of drama. Today, I am sure Jim is getting his ears full of it. I called Bob to see if Bill had called him, and sure 'nuf, Bill had left an angry message on Bob's cellphone which Bob had chosen not to pick up. Bob wanted me to call Bill and smooth over things. I said 'uh, uh'...this is your job, not mine! This didn't make Bob too happy, but oh well!! This is Bob's lesson...he has to stand up to these angry alpha-males eventually and not let them bully him. He has a right to speak his truth to them, and he's not going to get this lesson if I am doing it for him!

Then I heard from Shanti who is staying with us...he's over on another island, Oahu, attending to some medical issues of his. He informed me that he will be leaving here (as our houseguest) earlier than planned as A's mother passed on, and Shanti wants to attend her memorial back on the east coast. Shanti is very comforting to Bob, and Bob loves to have Shanti's company and has tried to talk Shanti into moving into our soon-to-be-available guest bedroom. However, Shanti is nomadic and prefers to change locales frequently. He wants to move to Boulder, Colorado and take up residence there this summer. He has a big gathering for his non-profit happening there in June, and he has a 'following' there that supports his work. Besides, it's a lot cooler in Colorado than Kihei in the summer!

Shanti is helping us in many ways, and he's going to call Bob and support Bob with the Bill drama, and it will be interesting to see how this one gets resolved. Bill has gone from being our 'hero' to being a pouty, spoiled egotist. We don't know why his personality has changed so much. We think this change may have something to do with a girlfriend problem. He won't fess up to us...we only hear that he decided not to go to Alaska the day he was supposed to leave. He told us it was become of financial problems, and that 'he had made a mistake'. We can't figure out why he could be having financial problems as Bob has been paying him a very high salary every week!
What has he done with all this money? He hasn't put it into transportation as he still drives the same beat-up old van.

When Bill came to work for us, he was eager, dedicated and hard-working. In the past several weeks, we have seen him angry, petulant and barely working....showing up late, leaving early and taking a 3-day vacation. These behaviours are why Bob talked to him last night, and with no getting-through-to-Bill, he decided to write out Bill's work schedule, and he asked him to cooperate with him to finish the work in 13 days. The letter was firm, but not hostile. Yup, the Shift has indeed hit the fan....

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