Sunday, April 04, 2004

My parking spot angels were really performing miracles for me yesterday....first, they arranged in immaculate timing the perfect parking spot at a tiny beach parking facility. After the beach we headed for lunch at the Maalea Grill. The parking lot was packed full of cars, but a parking spot in the first aisle was arranged once more with a car pulling out just as I am pulling in! I have always been blessed with parking angels, but I am still awed at the timing they arrange to make the perfect spot happen at just the right moment! It's uncanny and miraculous!

I spent some time yesterday swimming and sunning...a perfect beach day. The beach was packed with people of all shapes and sizes, and my daughter and I were laughing at how white our skin was in comparison to most of those sunning nearby which we presumed to be the tourists! We don't get to the beach nearly as often as we would like for it seems that we are always busy indoors these days. My tan has been coming from a bottle, and it may just be as well so that I don't get the leather-look that long-time sunbathers acquire over the years.

I'm fretting over the color to paint the accent wall in the living room. At first I wanted to paint it persimmon, but the paint that is on a large sample now (which I requested our painters to purchase) looks more like putrid pumkin. The color is not feeling right in my gut...and I now have to ask them to return it for another. The color is too dark, and the deva of this home wants everything to be lighter and cheerier.
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