Friday, April 30, 2004

Just when I thought everything was going to get going again on the right track, a new glitch appears. The old painters (Sam & Jimmy) have been taken off the job after way too many screw-ups, and a new guy (John) has been hired to do the painting and touch-ups. Yesterday I watched him painting the front door, and he seemed really into it. I looked at the work he had done after he left, and it was a mess. John came to Bob and me this morning and apologized. He said he didn't know what he was thinking for he knows better not to paint without putting a primer down first. He had failed to do so, and that was why he now has to take the door off its hinges, sand it down and begin all over again. He told Bob he wouldn't charge him for the work he did yesterday as he was quite embarrassed. He is such a nice man working as an activist on Maui to put pressure on the Monsanto people to stop their research on genetically modified crops. I think his mind is more on his activisim than on his work. It saddens us because we have dealt with so many of these hypnotized people over here. They mean well. They talk a good game, but they are living in a trance.

John and his team had given Bob a price quote for the exterior paint for the entire house which was way over-priced. Since Bob is a number cruncher extraordinaire, he presented the detailed mock-up of what he was being charged by them...their pricing would have cost Bob an absurd amount, nearly $5000 for paint alone. So Bob informed John of this obvious scam, and John seemed bewildered. He apparently wasn't the money man coming up with these figures and probably was only the 'hired-hand' painter, most likely with most of the monies going into the pockets of the other one, a woman with a money glint in her eye. He told Bob that it would probably be a great idea for Bob to accept a much lower bid from another painter which I am encouraging Bob to do. There are shysters everywhere you look these days, and they seem to be proliferating. Has it always been this way, or are there more of them?
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