Friday, April 09, 2004

It's fascinating to feel the energy feedback loop from a mailing to my e-list. Inevitably, there is a 'charge'...something like the snapping of a rubberband when it's pulled tightly and then released. Sometimes this non-verbal energy is just a mild sting, and at other times, I feel a painful snap! The written feedback from others is always interesting too. I guess that's why I'm a communicator because I'm curious, and sending out a variety of information in my Terra Star emails calls forth different people to email me back with their thoughts/feelings!

Sending out the information about the Magdalen Grid activation for this time period resonated strongly with some on my e-list, and with others...there is silence! Possibly they haven't retrieved their email yet...or possibly they have not a feeling to comment. Possibly they think it's coo-coo. Who knows for sure? Some of the people on the list I know, and some are total strangers to me so there is something of a mystery to an e-list.

I am feeling a strong desire to travel and to have movement, dance and action...possibly because I am weary of this renovation process and the sedentary aspect of managing it. Today Bill & Jason are back to work, but they are carrying the Spring-Fever virus, and their desire to be outside to play is aligned with mine. Who wants to be indoors working when there is a gorgeous Maui Spring playground outdoors? Nature is calling to us!

I will leave here soon and enjoy the windy Spring day and allow the Magdalen energies to percolate through my cells....the Shift is NOW!

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