Monday, April 26, 2004

I'm watching the tv show The Swan, a guilty pleasure of mine. It's totally amazing in so many respects. Imagine spending a quarter of million dollars on transforming yourself! This is the estimated cost of the transformation per each woman who has opted to go from the ugly duckling to The Swan. This is a comprehensive make-over program that includes everything from cosmetic surgery, trainers, nutritional consultants, dentistry, lasik eye surgery and therapy. These girls/women have never felt attractive and have very low self-esteem. The amount of cosmetic surgery boggles the mind...these are EXTENSIVE surgial procedures done at the same time...and inevitably accompanied by intense pain in the recovery period. Actually, right now on the tv show, both girls are struggling through their very obvious painful recovery. Being an empath, I can't look at the screen too long for I unconsciously seem to take on the pain of others. One girl prayed for death this week. What is called 'the final reveal' is nothing short of riveting...the curtain dramatically rises with rising music in the background and the girl sees herself after many long months with no mirrors! We see them too for the first time, and the results are stunning! The girls/women all scream and proclaim that they now feel so beautiful...they feel the outside now matches the inside. I look forward to all of us being able to experience much MORE...way more!!! I want a consciousness transformation for each and every one of us.

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