Thursday, April 15, 2004

I was just asked by the electrician, Roland, if I was getting excited. I answered that it couldn't happen too soon for me! Today the wood floor in the bedroom is nearly finished. I went out for lunch and errands, and I returned to see that the boyz have worked quickly! They can do so when motivated!

Some of the issues we have here with our workers originate from cultural & economic histories of the various people. For instance, Bill. He was raised in the very upscale, wealthy area of Orange County, California. His father was a contractor, and his four older brothers went into the lucrative building business. Bill has seen and worked on some of the most beautiful residential real estate in his younger days, and now he's only 28.

Jimmy was raised in the Phillipines and came from a very poor family. Largely self-educated, he emigrated to Maui like many other poor Phillipinos to make a better life for himself. He works two jobs, just as most of his other hard-working nationality do. They aren't educated, but they are loyal and loving.

Bill calls Jimmy, Sam and the rest of our Phillipino crew 'monkeys'. Now Bob and I know that this is a racial slur and a redneck remark if there ever was one, but we forgive Bill...he's an infant soul, and we realize the huge gap between these two groups. How can equality manifest in the world when the programming of wealth and status begin at an early age?
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