Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I am sitting in my big comfy outdoors chair enjoying a peaceful morning for a change. Bill is hiking Makena on his birthday, and everyone else that normally make our home throb is off doing other things....ah, peace at last! Yesterday was one of those hugely exhausting days with WAY too much going on...so much so that I crashed out at 8 pm and couldn't even watch Adam on Average Joe make his final decision on a girlfriend! Bob kept trying to wake me up to finish the 2-hour finale, and I'd go right back to sleep.

The hoo-hah began yesterday with the dissatisfaction many of us were feeling about the upstairs bathroom. Jimmy had placed the shelves in unbalanced, and my 'eye' had seen it. I pointed it out to Shanti when Jimmy was gone, and he used the balance tool to measure it, and sure enough, everything was off! Bill had noticed it too, and he already had planned to rip it out and re-do it after he returns from his birthday camping trip.

Everyone was upset about the plastic that Jimmy had laid upon the wall marble flooring! So Shanti and I set off to explore options in the Wailuku Industrial Park and another industrial park between Kahului and Kihei that I never knew existed. Actually, I never knew even a word called 'bullnosing' existed, so yesterday was a crash course in construction for me.

After much discussion and many stops, we finally located a marble place that would do the bullnosing in two days...and so Shanti told Jimmy to rip the marble out and give it to him plus more for bullnosing and ran it back to the shop to be worked. Shanti has been very game and helpful in our process here, and he is doing a wonderful job as a liason between the work crews so that I can step back from this tremendous pressure.

We also made it back to the Home Depot for the THIRD time to exchange the paint for the accent wall. I told myself I WILL live with this color...Parisian Taupe....no matter what because standing in the long exchange/refund line and then standing in the long paint line to order new paint is just too mujch for my system to take!

My day just changed again with Jason showing up to work, so there goes my peace and quiet again...hopefully without Bill here he won't blast the rock 'n roll music, and I can tolerate his saws and machines a bit!

What would a world be like without loud noises I wonder? Does anyone anywhere have a respite from the noises of the world? This desire for escape from noise must be the driving force for hermits to climb into caves in the Himalayas despite all the hardships. I can totally understand their motivation after what I've been dealing with this past year.
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