Friday, April 09, 2004

I am reminded that justice may be slow, but it grinds exceedingly fine...or something close to that as I don't have an exact quote off the top of my head as I write this blog now, but it speaks to this story:

Last evening I didn't know that there would be a 'pupu' party at our house, for it wasn't planned, but it did happen...and as the conversation around the table on our deck unfolded, we realized that our new friends that just recently moved to the island also knew (but not as well as us!) other former acquaintances of ours that once lived on Maui and also spent time in the places where our new friends once resided: Crestone, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There was a momentary rush when all of us realized that we had participated in the lives of these notorious beings who believe themselves to be important historical figures and who have great charisma, charlantry, and ability to con others. So we started doing what is called in Hawaii: talking story! These new friends were aware of the con game this couple play, and so it wasn't an indelicate conversation. All of us were not unsurprised that this couple is still 'out-there' doing their mischief!

On the other hand, I received an email today from a Sister which reminded me of another 'con' game that a 'supposed' friend had played on me several years ago when I allowed this woman to housesit our home while we were off-island. When this email from a Sister landed in my box today, I was reminded of how treacherous this 'former friend' is and how masked she is to the ordinary person, even as she was to me (who often feel myself to be quite intuitive and a good reader of another person). In this woman's case and subsequent interactions with this woman, I realized another damned lesson!

To begin with, my gut told me to watch out for her, but I over-rode my very aware gut and decided to take a chance on her friendship for she was very beguiling, seductive, friendly and outwardly loving. This was my first mistake. Always listen to your gut!

Second mistake was to allow this woman access to my computer and my home where she scored email addresses & other intimate connections through my telephone books which I had by the phone... and so on and so forth. I asked her specifically NOT to bring any male acquaintances into our home to stay or visit, and she promised me that she would not do so...on her scout's honor! I really don't like strangers or anyone sleeping in my bed.

Upon returning home from our voyage, we discovered many disturbing incidents and storylines around this woman. She had indeed invited a former boyfriend from California to come stay with her at our home, slept with him in our bed and fought violently and frequently with him in our home. This was reported from more than one source who gave us this feedback upon our return.

She left clothes and shoes which she would not claim as hers, but that upon later recall on her part claimed to be hers. Strange behaviours! My daughter's boyfriend claimed she even hit on an older woman (as she was) hitting on a man that could have been her own child age-wise, I was initially distrusting of this information. However, with later unbalanced behaviours on her part, I now believe, 'hey, it is totally possible.' I knew she was desperate for a man, but I had misjudged exactly HOW desperate she was for a man, even a younger man.

I debated whether she was an early Alzheimers case (as her mother had this disease, and I know it runs in families sometimes). Why was this woman so forgetful OR was it that she was lacking in integrity? It wasn't very long before my angels revealed this puzzle to me.

And the puzzle-piece unfolded as it often does in a very mundane fashion. She requested for me to remove her from my email newsletter list, and so I asked her why. She said that she didn't wish to be influenced by me because she was considering beginning her own newsletter, and she was fearful that my influence might color her creativity. I had never heard such b.s. before in my life, and I told her so...and I reminded her of the darkly- colored-conspiracy forwards she always emailed me. Did they not too influence her too? Why was my love 'n light email newsletter truly bothering her? I attempted to get to the deeper truth, but she was evasive, defensive and very, very angry!

Thus began an email bitch-fest, and it continued until we both just gave up, and we discontinued emailing one another. I haven't heard from her in a long time, and that's fine with me. I was exasperated with her and if she was a an early Alzheimers, a programmed troll, or a jealous, egotistic enemy. However, I am reminded of her today because of this email that another friend forwarded to me from this lady. This email concerns me, and my red flags are up. What damage is she doing out there to my credibility? Is she emailing people from my email list that she retrieved from my computer? Who is she, and why did she push herself upon me so feverishly? I am left wondering about the aggressiveness of those that work the dark side.

Mostly, I wonder when these con artists will meet their karma! Will justice eventually be served on them while we still live to see it? I know these people that I have referred to are small little molehills by the standards of large, corporate and political con artists, but basically it's the same question!
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