Friday, April 02, 2004

A day ago, I was dangerously close to a melt-down, and I went to sit in meditation at my altar to avert this melt down. As usual, I began with the healing tools that I have accumulated through the years and which are helpful, especially at times like these. After awhile, I felt lighter and my mood shifted...I knew I was over the hump! I did some divination work, and suddenly I found myself laughing at the absurdity of it all. With some good belly-laughs, I knew I was gonna be ok. Then the phone was a friend checking up on me, and I found I could have a conversation without whining! I gave myself a little pat on the back for that, and thanked all my guides, angels and faerie friends!

Yesterday I had to tell Jimmie, our tile man who is laying the marble squares in the upstairs bathroom, to replace two tiles that didn't match. He thought he was finished for the day, and it really was tough on me because he was tired. He had already worked his 9-5 gig at his 'real' job, then came over to our place to finish laying tile. I felt for him! He's really a good guy, a squat menehune with a shy manner and a big smile. However, I also knew that it would upset me to always see these two obviously mismatched tiles! So I told him in the nicest possible way to do it over, and he did. Now I have just been informed by Bill, our main guy in charge, that Jimmie's tile work has screwed up the doorstep to the bathroom, and that this is going to cost Bob another $100 to fix the mess that Jimmie made! This is the anguish for us all....Bob is constantly paying out monies for the mistakes of others! No one has really blown-up about this yet, but there have been moments when there have been close-calls by one of the many people involved in this project. Very close calls....

Bill & Jason commented today how very well I am handling this renovation process...and I told them, I have nearly lost it on many a ocassion. They told me actually I am doing better than most for living in the renovation is one of the hardest things to do! They shared with me that they have seen many people go balllistic. Bill nearly went ballistic himself the other day when he discovered (the first one to notice) that the painters had allowed paint to be sprayed on top of our beautiful wood furniture. He set the painters straight, and told them in the future that if they ever did anything like this again, there was going to be hell to pay with him, plus he told them that he would tolerate no more sloppiness...and if they screwed up again, he would make them do it over! I was very proud of him and gave him a big hug in front of Genvieve, Bob and Shanti later that evening. I told him he was a natural born leader and my hero! Still...Bob will have to spend more monies to have the furniture sanded and repaired!!!!
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