Thursday, April 15, 2004

Bill came to work today, and he apologized to me, saying that he was just so upset yesterday and disappointed at not being able to travel to Alaska to go heli-skiing that he couldn't work. He called Bob too, and they got clarity and goodwill going on between them again. The Old Bill, the friendly easy-to-communicate-with-Bill is back! We're both thrilled, although there will be something of a challenge with Bob communicating to Jimmy that Bill will once again be doing the floor. Bob had given the job to Jimmy last night after Bob hadn't heard from Bill all day. Today he will be taking the job away from Jimmy and giving it back to Bill! I dread the thought of Bill looking at the painting that Sam did last far, if Bill has seen the sloppy line that Sam made without properly taping, he hasn't said anything. At the time, I questioned Sam in front of Bob why he didn't tape it, and Sam said he wasn't finished with the painting, and that he would return to it and cut it, whatever that means. Both Bob and me are at the point of just throwing our hands in the air and screaming...whatever!!!!!

Genvieve also seemed to make progress on her home-front-battle. They have agreed to put effort into their relationship, and they have set a date for June 1st to be the day they will either say, 'fuggadabotit' and move on from living together....or they will hang together as a couple. Gen is learning to 'live in the leap' as I have for so long (as well as countless others on this planet), detached and guided by Spirit in the moment. She has surrendered.

Bob and I tried to make airline reservations last night using our United Frequent Flyer Miles, and both of us were disturbed to hear the latest United rule! Both Bob and I have large amounts of our frequent flyer miles which we wished to use for a trip in August. However, now the new rule is that when you fly from Hawaii, the regular 35,000 frequent flyer miles don't takes 60,000! The reason is, according to the agent on the phone, is that all the frequent flyer seats are booked a year in advance, and even though now it's only April and we will travel in late August, all the regular frequent flyer seats are already booked. Thus, if we wish to use our miles, they will have to take more miles from us for extra seats. What a rip! We didn't make our reservations because this new policy or rule seems so unfair and bogus.

We have already planned a wonderful vacation, but now this plan is up-in-the-air too! I am reminded of the saying, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans." This humor is so relevant to everything happening these days!
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