Monday, March 08, 2004

This morning I had a rare opportunity to work in peace and quiet on a variety of writing projects! Usually the work crew shows up early, but today they are moving the drywall in and because of the number of men required to move these heavy sheets of drywall up and down the stairs and around corners, the work didn't start till 1 pm. Yesterday was the finishing of the insulation installation. Everything is progressing nicely, even though it feels strange to be sitting at my computer desk admidst chaos in the middle of the living room. I dab the soles of my feet with "Anxiety Out" aromatherapy oil, meditate, and create as best I can inside this whirling energy of renovation. Forget getting on the treadmill and getting some exercise for it is covered up with all kinds of objects that were moved so that the drywall could fit around the stairwell. Tomorrow the skylights go in and the pounding of one crew will compete with the pounding of the drywall crew....

I long for the finished project...our spacious, light-flled new bedroom and bathroom with the incredible views!
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