Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Secrets Shared

This latest episode about being shut-out from the main memorial for S. has really assisted me in redefining myself and whom I resonate with and allow myself to be influenced by. I see very clearly now that those that I once resonated with are not in the same frequency anymore as I, and that I have tolerated much to much nonsense from others. Now I am clear as to my boundaries, my desires, my feelings and synchronicity is working because new people have come into my life and are still arriving to give me the extended family I so much desire. The memorial that my old women's group had the other evening for s. ignited old wounds about secrets that women share and keep from one another...and this is not my way I prefer to live my life....with so many secrets and lack of integrity in close relationships. I am now claiming close friendships with others who are open, candid, available to interact without excuses and are apologetic when they are hurtful or unaware in their sharings with one another. And so it is!

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