Monday, March 29, 2004


Memories & Secrets

Yesterday I FINALLY made it to S's memorial which was really quite touching, amazing and beautiful...and interesting in many other respects. I've been on Maui long-enough to know many stories...stories of who has fallen out with who, who is persona non grata, who is kissed-up-to, and who is who in the Maui In-Crowd Game. Since I'm a natural-born people watcher and observer, I saw quite a bit of STUFF yesterday at this memorial. I spoke to another friend of S's on the phone today who also wasn't invited and who was very upset that she had been 'shut out'. We shared our feelings about the way this whole thing had been conducted, and she was so happy to have called me so she could have someone that understood her sadness. Rather than get into the gossip-game, this is all material for my book when I can get back to it....for I have been privy to the secrets of many! Of course, in my book, the names will be changed to prevent lawsuits and repercussions....however, there may be some that will recognize themselves despite the name changes and other deviations. This latest episode has renewed by inspiration to get the book finished...and it also gives me an outlet for my emotional charge!

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