Saturday, March 27, 2004

I spent the major part of yesterday dealing with computer problems...I worked with different computer technicians who tried to resolve my email troubles over the phone. Now I know the back way in to get my emails, but I still can't return emails! Very frustrating! Marjorie, if you are reading this, PLEASE tell Mike & Susan I'm unable to reach them via email, and once again wish Susan a very Happy Birthday for me. So far, I have received fabulous reports about the new website she did! Marjorie, AOL rejected your email about my newsletter, so ask S/M to forward it to you...a lot of AOL subscribers I know were rejected...maybe a new spam policy by AOL perhaps?
I will be leaving here very soon to go way up the mountain to visit Jeff at the Tibetan stupa with Bob and Shanti. Bob has calmed down a lot, and this day in the wild will do us all a lot of good. It has been so stressful around here, and I am bummed that finally I have a wedding site, but if anyone wants to email me and arrange a wedding, I can't even get back to them. The POSSIBLE blessing is that Kishor, Bob's computer consultant from Oregon, arrives today, and since he's a computer whiz, he hopefully will know what to do about my email system...probably will be doing away with Outlook Express and install Pegasus. It's unclear right now. With these computer technicians on the phone yesterday for hours, I felt like I was trying to land an airplane and was at the controls and not even having a clue as to what to do. It was a crash wake-up call to inform me I need to get some computer skills!!!!
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