Thursday, March 18, 2004

I have been grieving over the passing of an old friend of mine...S., a bright light that lost her battle with cancer recently. She was a very special being, and I can recall when the trauma of a battle she was in at her workplace got the best of her. All of the women in our woman's group told her to let it go! But for some reason, she just wouldn't or couldn't! She was obsessed with the inequity in her work situation. This trauma/drama was (in my mind) the beginning of her cancer. Even though she was just a middle age woman, not quite 60...she has passed on over the rainbow. This Sunday we are gathering the remaining members of our woman's group and having a memorial for her. There aren't that many of us left here on Maui. For those that have remained, we each have experienced loss, tragedy and health challenges, and this passing of S. only highlights the challenges we each have been faced with in recent years.

My stressors have also been up since the ongoing renovation with the nearly constant aggravating noises that have come in this regard. I have been utilizing flower essences, aromatherapy, meditation, my chi machine and Nature to balance me as best I can.

With only about a month to go til completion, I am beginning to feel the excitement of a finished, organized, CLEAN, spacious beautiful, luxurious new home! And now that Spring is just around the corner, I am feeling this rising of hope and renewal within my Spirit.....I will survive!

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