Saturday, March 20, 2004

I couldn't sleep last night...there was an incredible uplifting energy that had me buzzing. I attributed it to the Equinox celebrations that had already begun in other parts of the world. I feel such positivity today, and my crown chakra is tingling! I feel there was a tremendous shift, and I awoke to know that now all of us can claim our divinity! Upon awakening, in my mind was everything that I have ever done that was being revealed to me that was out of integrity....and there was so much that I have denied. Yet it wasn't being presented to me to make me feel was more like I should uncover it, own it and then release it! So I had a life review. Actually, it was quite amazing how much denial I have been in on many accounts. Now it's gone...I released it as I was told to do because there is a new era that is manifesting not only for me but for every person in the world if we claim it NOW! I am so joyous, so ecstatic, so uplifted. After awakening, Bob told me to come upstairs and just enjoy the view from our new (unfinished) bedroom....and everything looked so fresh, so new....and I got another rush of the gift that the angels have brought to us and how momentous this time is! I feel blessed beyond measure to be alive and participating in this Shift of the Ages!
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