Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Another soggy day for all of Maui. We haven't seen this much rain in all the years we've lived here! The landscape is a blend of every shade of green.
Despite the rain, our team of workers showed up to continue the renovation: Bill, Jason and the electrician Roland. Soon will come Sam & Jimmy after they get off work. Bill was really excited to show me some of his creative ideas for the design, and I complimented him upon his artistry....he was beaming with my praise! We have assembled such a great team of craftsmen for this renovation project. I love everyone of them. They are hardworking, honest, happy and easygoing....who could ask for more?

Hopefully by the end of April we'll be sleeping in our new upstairs bedroom. The plumbing is in...the electric is in....and now when we pass the inspections, we'll be ready for the drywall specialist. All of us are working together to come up with specific solutions, and it was my idea to have a pull down ladder in the closet so that we can get on top of the roof. What an amazing view it is!
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